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  1. Rrose Selavy

    PRICE DROP Cocobolo Heat Island With Extras

    Hi everyone the time has come for me to sell my beloved Hi. It works amazingly, but I am just not in need of a desktop at the moment. It deserves to be used and needs a good home. What you get. Cocobolo Hi Power adapter (not pictured) 14mm GonG 14mm cocobolo WonG with glass tip for roasting...
  2. Rrose Selavy

    Looking for a portable log: Milaana or MVT

    Hey guys long time no see. I have been on a very long break and have cut down my collection substantially. But I have missed you all and could not stay away. So, now I am looking for one portable to meet my needs. First of all I apologize for the "which one" thread. I have done my research and...
  3. Rrose Selavy

    SALE PENDING enano v1 Halloween sale $125 quick sale MUST GO

    looking for a quick sale on my enanao v1. works likes champ but im in need of funds. selling it for 125 conus and paypal only. shipped within 24 hours of payment 2 day priority usps. everything will be cleaned before being shipped. 1x cherry enano v1 1x epick 1x 14mm gong 1x old style glass...
  4. Rrose Selavy

    PRICE DROP $185 PRICED TO SELL FireFly silver with extras

    hey guys im changing the rotation up a little and its time for my firefly to go to a nice home. it has a few minor scratches but works perfectly. EDIT there are a few ff in the classifieds so i decided to sweeten the deal! $185 for a quick sale. conus and paypal only. i love this vape but my...
  5. Rrose Selavy

    wicked sands sidecar mini

    Hey FC I just bought some new glass so its time to sell this little guy. Bought it 2 months ago for 120 at LHS without a slide looking to get $90 or obo conus only paypal fees and shipping included. open to trades preferably new model lotus or medium/large scs. EDIT: pm me with any questions
  6. Rrose Selavy

    mini scs 4 piece

    hey guys im trying to sell/trade my scs mini 4 peice. its about a year and a half old and works great. im just looking to move onto something bigger. im open to a larger scs or a lotus for trades. just let me know what you have im open minded. im looking for $35 or obo including shipping and...
  7. Rrose Selavy

    first deskstop LSV or e-nano

    hey FC i have been vaping on and off for over 3 years and almost exclusively for about 6 months. i have only owned portable vapes in the past. had a mflb which i did not like so i sold it and a solo that i loved but is sadly no longer in my possession. i currently have the pinnacle which i...
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