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  1. KimDracula

    Full Spectrum CBD

    I just got some of this stuff: I decided to try this hoping I would benefit from the other cannabinoids and terpenes. I've had the...
  2. KimDracula

    VB2 Multi-Converter Price Drop $250

    Vaporbrothers VB2.0 Multi-Converter for dabbing. $250 via PayPal, shipped (Continental US only, please) with the following included: - VB 2.0 unit with attached cord - Ceramic dome (comes with silicone nozzle for tubing which isn't pictured - sorry!) - Glass dome with tapered output...
  3. KimDracula

    Do You Increase Temp While Vaping Herb to Achieve Full Extraction?

    I have always started at low temperatures and bumped it up twice, usually, from there in order to keep getting vapor. I assumed everyone did this unless they were looking for a specific cannabinoid effect from a certain temperature, but from reading it seems that there are a significant number...
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