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  1. rowbam

    Cannabis hangovers

    I've only had brain fog from combustion. Vaping leaves more of a feel good / relaxed mood the next day if I go harder.
  2. rowbam

    Dynavap VapCap

    I need to start using my BB9 with a bubbler. Using my IH gives super dense first hits, choked me out :lol:
  3. rowbam

    The Mighty/Mighty+ by Storz & Bickel

    This is exactly what I'm feeling right now. For all the vapes I own, this isn't the fastest hitting one. But it still hits plenty hard and extremely easy to use on top of that. Battery life is also outstanding for me not being a heavier user too. Like damn, might be my favorite purchase and...
  4. rowbam

    Completed Collyland Pagoda Green Aromatizer - SOLD

    Hi there, looking to sell my Pagoda Green Aromatizer as I don't use it any more. It's in great shape, has some minor cosmetic wear in the downstem (think a little TLC will take that out fine) and on the bottom of the loading ball as pictured. SOLD! Thanks for looking.
  5. rowbam

    Completed (US) Tafee Bowle - SOLD

    Hi there, looking to sell my Tafee Bowle as I don't use it any more. It's very lightly used and works great for those convection hits. Shipping is included in the price, only shipping to continental US. Includes: Puck unit, stem, various ceramic pots, charger (cable not pictured, original)...
  6. rowbam

    Vaporizer satisfaction

    Resisting the urge to buy more. At first, each purchase checked off different functionality (microdosing, session, heavy hitter, etc.) Fast forward to now, I have more than enough great devices that satisfy my needs. Looking to channel this collecting energy in other directions like growing...
  7. rowbam

    Dynavap VapCap

    Just had my first session with a Dynavap B. Very satisfied with it for the price point and micro-dosing capabilities. Surprised how smooth the vapor was for a basic model. The only thing I'd change is a native 14mm mouthpiece. Thing is tiny and gave me a nice hit I thought was combustion for a...
  8. rowbam

    /r/vaporents is a toxic cesspool and when I questioned it the mods removed my post in less than 5 minutes.

    Vaporents can be cool for something different, but I really like how people actually discuss particular vapes on here or vaping in general. Plus with the forum style, you get to know people better.
  9. rowbam


    Very happy with this weekend's results after a little over a week break. Don't have a scale for accurate amounts, but used my Vapman microdosing sieve for the first time, probably .05g. Potent enough high to enjoy and more like vaping used to be for me. 10/10, going to stick to only vaping...
  10. rowbam

    Completed (US) Collyland One Armed Bandit - SOLD

    Hi there, looking to sell my OAB as I haven't used it in a while. It's very lightly used and in great shape. Includes: OAB, loading puck, and power supply. $290 via Paypal Good and Services takes it (that includes shipping.) Only shipping to the continental United States, insuring the package...
  11. rowbam

    Completed Completed - (US) Solo 2 - $80 PPGS

    Hi there, looking to sell my Solo 2 as I don't use it any more. It's in great shape and works just as well as the day I bought it. Includes: Solo 2, straight stem, bent stem, 19mm WPA, and charger. Sold! Thanks for looking.
  12. rowbam

    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    On day 4 of a break until at least next Friday. My tolerance hasn't gotten crazy, but been feeling a lot of anxiety and paranoia each session that didn't used to be there. So much so that it was creeping into how I felt mentally when I was sober. Felt kind of dumb to realize that it was...
  13. rowbam

    Atlas by Cloud Connoisseur (iDB)

    I wanna be civilized too man. Atlas, come in soon pls.
  14. rowbam


    I have the new vapbag, titanium mp and concentrate sieve on the way. The possibilities! I'm stoked :rockon:
  15. rowbam


    After scaling my usage back for a few days, very happy with how .1 is hitting. Usually before was .2 - .3 for similar effects. I kinda got into a habit of finishing up work and vaping it up, trying to be a bit more mindful.
  16. rowbam


    Man, I hadn't used the Vapman with my bubbler in a while and forgot how hard you could crush a bowl with it. 10/10
  17. rowbam

    Arizer Solo

    I was actually planning on selling my Solo 2 since it was getting neglected in my rotation, however.. Nostalgia kind of hit me (it was my first vape after all!) and I wanted to revisit it since I've been mostly using my Bowle and Vapman lately and damn. Maybe a .15 bowl hit me pretty solid. The...
  18. rowbam


    This gave me mouth piece acquisition syndrome. Been rocking the glass one for a while now and really enjoying it, about to try the POM again to refresh my memory on it.
  19. rowbam

    Vaping frequency

    My usage during the week is lighter, maybe .14 - .25 sessions depending on the vape. Almost daily. During the weekend I'm usually high for the second half of the day with .4 or so. Overall, happy with how my tolerance has grown, but not crazy from when I started. The bad part is that it makes...
  20. rowbam

    Flower Mill

    This is exactly why I sold mine. Went with a Herb Ripper for full stainless steel.
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