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  1. Bandoo

    Rosin JR. press

    Rosin JR press. Anybody using one of these? :brow:
  2. Bandoo

    Slug Deuce

    Great Slug Deuce 2, kit complete for sale with drip kit and leather holder! Used 3 times. I need a larger one so am selling. $59 Located in Israel. Will ship worldwide by fast Ecopost for around $12. :lol: [/url][/IMG]
  3. Bandoo

    Hashy tasting concentrate ?

    Which extraction method would you use to get the concentrate to taste hashy instead of tasting like the smell of the flowers? I have had amber oil that tastes just like regular hash. It was made from flowers. I like that best. Don't care if it's dark or not.
  4. Bandoo

    Parchment paper question for rosin tek

    Does parchment paper contain silicone, and if so will that end up in the dab? Any other alternatives? Thanks.
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