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  1. EverythingsHazy

    Which are your prefered nicknames for Cannabis?

    Your votes wil be kept anonymous. Vote for as many as you want.
  2. EverythingsHazy

    Volcano Easy Valve Efficiency Adaptor

    It has come to my attention that the Volcano Easy Valve chambers tend to go through significantly more bud than some other vaporizers like the E-Nano (of course logs are known for efficiency). Is there any way to modify the chamber, so that the vapor can be denser with less bud? I love how...
  3. EverythingsHazy

    Cannabis allergy or normal irritation?

    After some rather unpleasant experiences (albeit somewhat mild) with getting hives/itchiness when dealing with raw Cannabis, I decided to do some research on Cannabis allergies, and it seems like irritation caused by contact with raw Cannabis (most people complaining about reactions while...
  4. EverythingsHazy

    The Wim Hof Method Thread

    I made this thread, because I have been practicing the Wim Hof Method 12 days ago, every morning and almost every night, and have been feeling great, so I wanted to share the method with you guys, and hear some of your thoughts. If you already know about the Wim Hof Method, feel free to share...
  5. EverythingsHazy

    The Meditation Thread

    I wasn't sure if this should go in The Vapor Lounge or Medical Discussion, so if you guys feel it would do better there, or anywhere else, feel free to move it. I'm curious to hear about everyone's personal experience with mediation, as well as any knowledge or opinions you guys may have about...
  6. EverythingsHazy

    Coconut Oil + Cannabis

    In my recent nutrition research, I've been coming across a lot of positive information about coconut oil. For one, it is more stable than many other unsaturated fats, when heated (frying, etc.), meaning that it doesn't degrade into unhealthy chemicals, as rapidly. Another benefit, is that at...
  7. EverythingsHazy

    The Vagus Nerve

    THE VAGUS NERVE This thread is for the discussion of the vagus nerve. It connects many parts of our bodies to our brains (image in spoiler below), and it plays an important role in many of our biological functions. "What does the vagus nerve affect? The vagus nerve has a number of...
  8. EverythingsHazy

    Matcha (Green Tea Powder)

    This thread is for the discussion of all things matcha related. For those who don't know what matcha is, it's a fine green powder made from green tea leaves that have been destemmed and deveined before being ground up. Unlike other teas that are strained out via a tea strainer or the use of a...
  9. EverythingsHazy

    Official CBD Discussion Thread

    This thread is dedicated to CBD use. You can ask any questions you have about CBD here, and if you have any personal experience with it, you are encouraged to share it with the rest of us. Any information shared about the following topics would be especially useful: -Legal Sources/Product...
  10. EverythingsHazy

    Legitimate CBD Sources For All US States

    Whoever has ordered and received a legitimate pure CBD product (edible or vaporizable), share your experience here with a company/product review. If you use it to treat a condition, share some info on how it worked for you. I'd like to get some pure CBD to experiment with, preferably something...
  11. EverythingsHazy

    How much bud do you vaporize in an average day of use?

    The question is simple. How much bud (in grams) do you vaporize in an average day of use? Vote for the closest option. For the sake of this thread, only vote or comment in regards to the use of buds, and not concentrates.
  12. EverythingsHazy

    Cannabis' Effects on Concussive Brain Injury

    This is a thread for the discussion of the effects of Cannabis on brain damage caused by concussive blows. This kind of damage is possible to get when competing in full contact sports like boxing, MMA, football, rugby, etc., and Cannabis is being researched for its potential to...
  13. EverythingsHazy

    What does your Cannabis-friendly doctor think (legal regions only)?

    If you live in a region where Cannabis is legal, and have discussed it with you or doctor, what does he/she say about it? Does he/she approve of daily usage? What about usage for boredom?
  14. EverythingsHazy

    Cannabis' Effects on the Brain

    This thread is for sharing and discussing studies about Cannabis' long term effects on the brain. Whether or not we'd like to admit it, there are definitely some negative side effects to Cannabis use. Rather than denying them and living in ignorance, we should work to identify them, and then...
  15. EverythingsHazy

    The Official CannaBreak Thread

    This will likely be one of the less "fun" threads on here, but it can help provide a lot of useful, anecdotal information. I am making this thread, because we have a lot of info here about the more easily noticeable positive effects of using Cannabis, but we tend to sweep some of the negative...
  16. EverythingsHazy

    Does using Cannabis make you feel tired/lazy/foggy the next day?

    Simple question... When you use Cannabis one day, do you feel tired/foggy/lazy the next day?
  17. EverythingsHazy

    How often do you vaporize?

    This is a pretty simple thread. I've been posting a few of these analytic threads lately, trying to help figure out the trends in the vaporizing community, with the intention of helping us better understand our relationship with this amazing plant.
  18. EverythingsHazy

    Cannabis Induced Apathy (While Sober)

    Hey guys, This is a discussion thread about Cannabis Induced Apathy. To start, I am not claiming that it does or does not exist. I just want to have an intelligent discussion on the matter, with those who would or would not be experiencing it. What is Cannabis induced apathy? It's the lack of...
  19. EverythingsHazy

    How much bud do you vaporize per session?

    Select the best answer (or up to four choices to indicate a range) to indicate an average session of yours. I'm curious to see what kind of curve we get. This poll is only for sessions where you use bud and not concentrates. Votes are not displayed publicly, and can be changed if you're...
  20. EverythingsHazy

    CBD Vaporizing

    Hey (Combustion) Fuckers, So I've been looking into CBD to vaporize for health purposes, and was just wondering what experiences you guys have had with vaping THC-free CBD. Also, what is your favorite online CBD vendor (that ships to all 50 states).
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