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    Desktop vaporizer on demand and good for herb and less importantly concentrate. Microdosing and bigger loads too.

    I like to be able to use 0.03-0.07g, and I'd like to be able to use even less like .01g. I may want to macrodose up to like 0.3, max 0.5g or something, I'm not sure what to set the limit at since I don't usually measure when I do that with a rimless basket and WPA w Tubo/Tetra. I doubt I'd...
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    What vaporizer would be good for concentrates like distillate?

    I want it to be on demand and my budget is 200, 250. Max 300. I was thinking about the Ditanium but I'm not sure because of the dial vs digital precise temperature and I think I've seen a few people say it's not actually that great for concentrates particularly with distillate. Can the...
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    What adapters do I need for a matrix sidecar and d020-d with a Tubo Evic, Tetra P80, and a Mighty?

    I'm trying to get a couple of adapters, extenders, and drop/step down adapters that will make my vapes (Tubo Evic family and Mighty) fit 18mm female and 14mm female pieces better because the Tubo seems to connect oddly to some pieces like the Matrix sidecar according to some posts I've seen...
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