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    The Toad from Morwood

    Alright, Mr. Morrison, consider this an official notification of interest.
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    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    Is the ceramic filter compatible with the existing version? And if so, will it be available for sale as a stand alone item? I’ve done the screen mod to mine, but I like the idea of ceramic, assuming it’s not crazy expensive.
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    The HI

    I love the shape of that sumac piece. It looks great with the grain.
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    The HI

    This dynavap compatibility is making me even more glad I’m on Alan’s list. 😄
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    RBT Open Source build

    That reminds me (thanks @The Stray Fox ) that I should post a picture of the Redheart pick I got from @unklmark a few weeks ago. Really like the color!
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    Tetra P80

    Mine is ordered, I managed to get in on the most recent drop. Very excited based on the feedback on this thing.
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    Discontinued RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    Those stems are great looking! Where did you get them?
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    Discontinued RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    I love my Milaana.
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    The HI

    Same to you, Alan! I hope you enjoyed the day!
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    What box mod are you using / recommending for on-demand convection 510 vapes?

    Anybody have any experience with the Vaporesso GEN mod? On sale right now from sourcemore for $20, it’s a 220w TC mod with dual 18650 batteries. What makes it intriguing is they have a pulse mode that fires every 0.02 seconds. It kind of sounds like poor man’s TC, but I don’t know enough to...
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    iHeat 510 Heater Cartridge

    I’m somewhere on your list and really like the look of that briar burl. Just sayin’.
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    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    Bummer, but thanks for checking!
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    Multi-brand X MAX STARRY

    I haven’t, but this would be cool if it worked.
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    The HI

    Glad to hear it. Take care and take your time healing. The wait list (myself included) can wait a little longer.
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    The HI

    I hope that you wondering about how to fix your bicycle means you are feeling ok.
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    Milaana 3

    I’ve got a Milaana 1.5, so unless this is gonna be significantly different I think I’ll keep my powder dry and wait for the Zion or the desktop.
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    Insta Heat (aka iHeat)

    This looks incredible, both in form and functionality. I have browsed FC for a while, but I created a profile just to comment here. Email also sent to Alan to be added to the list.
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