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    Which grinder is easiest on the hands?

    I have pain in my hands and wrists and am wondering which grinder is the easiest to grind with? Sounds like the Flower Mill is the easiest. I am also considering a coffee grinder but am afraid of turning my flower to dust. Are any of the electric grinders worth considering? I use a B1, Underdog...
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    How to clean wood injector bowls and wood Dyna stems?

    I’m looking at getting an Ed’s TnT Injector bowl or a Sticky Brick Labs’ Injector Chamber and was wondering how to clean them? I already ave a wood stem for the Dynavap that came with my Woodscents that I’ve never used partly because I don’t know how to clean it. With glass or metal parts I...
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    What vaporizer gives the thickest vapor?

    Which vaporizer gives the thickest vapor consistently? I mean vapor so thick you can chew it.:brow:
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    What is your vape obsession: mine is being able to milk up glass?

    I am completely obsessed with milking up my bong. It is driving me crazy that my Underdog Alpha is not giving thick vapor right now. This is not really the Alpha’s fault, I blame the unheated garage where my vape station is. I’m not sure if many vapes could milk in 40f temps. So what’s your...
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