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  1. buckhakeesah

    Completed Pockety

    Brand new. Bought as a back up. No longer needed. Comes with Sic and quartz. 145 shipped
  2. buckhakeesah

    Completed Firefly 2 package deal w/ latest updates

    160 shipped. 3 batteries. 2 lids. 2 oil pads. Extra mouthpieces. Cleaning kit. Both chargers. Have receipt to confirm the upgrades were done. Includes everything shown here. Updated with latest software updates, bowl screen area and heater. If you have any questions let me know...
  3. buckhakeesah

    Want to Buy MiniVap flexicone and rimmed screen lid

    If anyone has one they are willing to sell, I need one.
  4. buckhakeesah

    MiniVap parts

    Power adapter /cord Charging dock Battery Lid If you have anything to offer, hit me up please. Thx.
  5. buckhakeesah

    Herbalizer -SOLD

    Own a piece of vape history. Comes with 3 bags and the steam roller. Everything works. SOLD.
  6. buckhakeesah

    Herborizer Sherlock

    If you have one you're not using, hit me up.
  7. buckhakeesah

    Errlectric MobilEnail

    This Errlectric package comes with both the flat top banger full quartz nail (latest revision) /heater and the dry herb nail/heater. The battery was replaced not long ago and has the latest software update, I have the receipt to confirm. Comes with 2 dry herb bowls and 2 quarts nails in case...
  8. buckhakeesah


    Black teflon core MiniVap. Comes with the portable battery, charging base for battery/power cords and carrying case. I DO NOT have the AC puck. Basket screen,flexicone, decarb kit and remaining accessories will be given. SOLD
  9. buckhakeesah


    Walnut fiddle back. It unfortunately has the common crack that happens. Doesn't affect performance. Comes with one long adjustable stem. SOLD
  10. buckhakeesah

    Dreamwood Glow RCV 18

    Limited version in Kingwood. Comes with the jackpod system and all maintenance items given when bought new except the tweezer. Extra glass stem and WPA adapter. Kanthal and stainless steel coils included. SOLD
  11. buckhakeesah

    RBT Splinter stems

    I have a mix of rbt glass and wooden stems. Hoping to sell as one lot but will consider breaking up if no one is interested in the package deal. I am looking to get 30 shipped paypal for all. SOLD! Thx.
  12. buckhakeesah

    Wisdom tooth extraction - ok to vape afterwards?

    Hey! I just had two top wisdoms removed. I was told to wait a week before smoking but does that apply to our methods of FC'ing? Lemme know some of your experiences. Buck
  13. buckhakeesah

    MiniVap kit

    MiniVap kit that comes with an extra spare MiniVap core. All works great. Comes with the battery, charger base , cord, case, spare extras like screens,baskets etc. and the AC puck so you don't need the battery if you want to hook it straight to a power outlet for even more quicker heating and a...
  14. buckhakeesah

    Splinter Z

    Hey guys, can't seem to get a Z off my mind. If anyone is looking to sell one, hit me up. I found one, thanks all!
  15. buckhakeesah

    Woodscents kit

    Ed's TNT Woodscents kit in mango wood. Comes with everything in a full kit. SoLD [20190808-114004.jpg]( [20190808-113947.jpg]( [20190808-113928.jpg](
  16. buckhakeesah

    P80 sinuous

    Looking for a deal on one if anyone is looking to get rid of theirs. Hoping to find a black or silver one. PM me if you have one to offer up. No longer needed.
  17. buckhakeesah

    VapeXhale cloudbuddy wpa adapter with carb plug

    If you have one to sell, pm me . Thanks.
  18. buckhakeesah

    Splinter V1, Wismec RX gen3 dual and HCigar VT75D

    Hi all, Up for sale is a package deal. Will consider splitting up if interested. Includes: Splinter v1 in bubinga Jaybo Wismec Reuleaux RXGen3 Dual mod in all black HCigar DNAc VT75D 2 rbt stems 2 screens stir tool With this package, you can play with the my sur evic mod or use the Splinter...
  19. buckhakeesah

    Arizer Argo, Jyarz and Grinder package deal

    Package deal includes: Lightly used Argo - Comes with box, 2 wall plugs, usb cord, 3 stems, stem caps, 1 battery, case. Brand new green in color Jyarz Brand new 2 piece grinder. SOLD
  20. buckhakeesah

    Elev8r - 7th floor

    Comes with 2 boro heaters and 1 quartz (new) SALE PENDING 85 shipped CONUS
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