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  1. stickstones

    Dr Dabber Switch (Induction Vaporizer)

    Hey guys...let me introduce you to the Dr. Dabber Switch! It's a cordless induction powered e-rig that vapes extracts and flowers. Heats up in around 3 seconds with the Ti nail and 10-12 seconds with the quartz nail. Zero hot spots anywhere except the nail itself, which is located in the...
  2. stickstones

    Voodoo Vape

    red handle thing that blows up bags...holler if ya got one.
  3. stickstones

    Arizer portable heater tech discussion

    Here’s a sandbox to discuss the heater tech in Arizer portables so we can keep it in one place instead of scattered across Arizer threads.
  4. stickstones

    Vape Temp Profile Charts

    Hey guys, I’ve been doing some deeper vape testing these days and it’s really helping my understanding of vapes and vaporizing in general. You may have seen some of my posts already with the heating profile graphs and this thread is a central place for this data. I’ll also post appropriate...
  5. stickstones

    Black Friday 2017

    It's that time of year again! I'm collecting specials and will post them here. Share anything you guys find here, please! HEALTHY RIPS (NOV 24TH - NOV 27TH) $20 Off Any Vaporizer Any 2 Vaporizers $249 7TH FLOOR (NOV 1ST - NOV 27TH)** 15% Off Site Wide (some exclusions) - Use Code...
  6. stickstones

    Discontinued Jak D'Rippa from Magic Flight

    Hey guys - Magic Flight is releasing their new dab unit today called Jak D'Rippa! True to Magic Flight form, it's minimalist, inexpensive, efficient, heats up instantly, uses screens and is instantly recognizable. This is the entire unit except for the wall wart. Here's a close up of the...
  7. stickstones

    Costa Rican members?

    Hey guys... I'll be making a trip to Costa Rica soon enough and wondered if we have any members down there? Chime in or pm me!
  8. stickstones

    Piece Water

    Hey guys, I was at the Denver Champs show a couple of months ago and met the owner of Piece Water at the Magic Flight booth. He was a good guy and sent me home with a sample to test out. It's made for smokers and keeps their bongs clean, but it turns out it works well for our applications...
  9. stickstones

    Boundless CFC

    I have no idea how we don't already have a thread for this one. I guess because we keep talking about it in the other Boundless threads. Anyhow, here goes... Estimated Release First Half Dec. Priced at $89.95 Heats up in 20 - 30 Seconds Black Only On Launch - Red, White & Blue Might Follow...
  10. stickstones

    2016 Black Friday deals

    A thread to post what you find...
  11. stickstones


    I got one of these about a month ago after finding out about them in an Herbalizer email, and I adore it! I got the cosmetic cheap one and see nothing off putting about it. I'm on the road now, so can't post any pics, etc, but I wanted to say I really like it. It completely keeps the smell in...
  12. stickstones

    Reggae band connections

    I'm going to see Stick Figure and Burning Youth this year. Anyone have any connections to these guys so I can reach out and be a hospitable vapor host when they are here?
  13. stickstones

    When fc members get together

    Hey gang! Sometimes we are lucky enough to get together with fellow fc members and have killer vape sessions. I know I've been watching @lazylathe 's and @biohacker 's posts intently after they have their epic sessions. But these kinds of meet ups can be invaluable for us vaporists to compare...
  14. stickstones

    Stickstones goes from moderator to retailer

    I have decided to start selling vaporizers and accessories, with a focus on the needs and wants of the fc community. The staff has spent a lot of time figuring out how to make this transition in a way that protects the forum's integrity and mine as well. The decision has been made that I will no...
  15. stickstones


    I'm looking for a cheap launch box if you have one you aren't using. Preferably cherry. I only need the box and a charger. What you got? I have some things for trade as well if you want to pm me.
  16. stickstones

    The Big Bundle

    I need to thin out the herd and raise some cash. I would like to package up a bundle for someone that wants several lightly used vapes...maybe a potpourri of styles or something. This is a pic of my vape station with some of the collection, but anything in my signature is open for discussion...
  17. stickstones

    Maple HI with vvps and two stems - $165

    Up for sale is my maple HI. It is one of the originals that had a two-piece stainless steel core but was recently upgraded to a one piece core. Comes with two stems: one with the stainless steel tip and one with the glass nipple. I will also include a cheap vvps I got off ebay and has worked...
  18. stickstones

    The lab

    I found this picture of a fun place to play. any of you got pics of great work spaces, etc? I spy?
  19. stickstones

    Discontinued Pinnacle Pro

    From trvb: Hi Guys, It's that time again. Today I offer you our latest gadget. The Pinnacle Pro. Here is a list of features and differences between the original Pinnacle. Pinnacle PRO Features: · Operates From Wall Charger While Simultaneously Charging Internal Li-Ion Battery · Maximum Bowl...
  20. stickstones

    Vaping with cotton

    I'm directing cotton discussion here instead of the Ascent thread. I just recently started using it as a spacer and I like the results. Any safety or usage concerns?
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