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  1. Pipes

    Vaping Juice from Shatter Made Easy

    Hey guys. I have tried many devices to vape shatter and only end up coughing up a headache. Nails, coils, ceramic discs and both ceramic and steel hot plates. I really liked the stuff you can get in vape pens which I researched some to find the main ingredient that makes it work. Polyethylene...
  2. Pipes

    TC Box Mods Firmware Discussions and Customizing

    Hey Guys/Gals. Opening this thread to have a spot to discuss and pool our knowledge regarding best firmware options to alter existing box mods to better suit our vaping needs. There seems to be more and more 510 based vaporizers coming to market in our world here. The TC technology is still new...
  3. Pipes

    VapCap Induction Heater for Desktop and in Car Use

    Hey Guys. This is for those who have wondered about the plausibility of using induction for their VapCap. The answer is, yes it works excellent. Surprised me as there seems to hardly have enough mass, but seems not an issue at all. I used the cheapest induction heater I could find. Driving it...
  4. Pipes

    VapCap 510 Heater Build (Based on "The Project")

    Hey guys. First off, huge thanks to @natural farmer who made me aware of the need for this type of device. It seemed to be a natural offspring for the methodology used in the Project Vape device, and proves to indeed be a shoe in, as takes basically the same base hardware configured a bit...
  5. Pipes

    A Quick DIY Dome Screen Press

    Needed parts: -Plastic bottle Cap -J-B Quick Weld -Dome shaped end for pressing (Marker cap, lip stick lid, or in my case a container I had from an old atomizer) Mix the J-B externally on a piece of paper and ensure an even consistent mix. Scoop into the bottle cap and wait until it's a...
  6. Pipes

    The "Project" DIY Herbal Vaporizer

    ********************* The "Project" Takes Flight ********************** ******************* Please Fasten Your Seat Belts ********************* Hey follow FCers. I'd like to introduce the "Project". The result of an endeavor I had started back in 2012 in a DIY thread called the DIY...
  7. Pipes

    Pipe's Solo Stands

    Hi fellow FCers, I'm starting this thread to make the information for my Solo Stands more convenient to find. Currently making two different types. One was introduced a couple months back which I will refer to as the Desktop model. A new second model I'm calling the Highback model. Both models...
  8. Pipes

    IOLite V1

    Here is a great 1 clicker IOLite. Starts on the first click pretty much every time. I changed the igniter to one I pre-selected from a few. The big feature which you will not find on any other IOLite is a fuel gauge which I incorporated myself. Included is the heat prongs and extra stems (long...
  9. Pipes

    Vape-or-Smoke Vapourizer

    Here is my first vaporizer purchase and to be honest hate it. Hardy used and it is very nicely made but not for me. Comes with extra new spare lighter and all the original accessories. manual plus a couple items I made to help cut back on the heat. Asking $80 shipped to US or Canada.
  10. Pipes

    Vapor Genie Aluminum Bat

    Excellent condition and has a customized jacket and lips protector. These pups get frickin hot but with the jacket it's OK. Asking $35 shipped to US or Canada. *********************************************************************** SOLD!!
  11. Pipes

    Original Green Vapor Genie

    Very good condition with a couple dents and such. Have extra stems which will be included. Asking $40 shipped to US or Canada.
  12. Pipes

    Pinnacle Water Tube

    Since I have both PWT and f-BOMB, I decided to keep the FB as I like the more restriction, and put the PWT up for sale. I will include the stand and silicon stopper. $60 shipped to US or Canada. EDIT: Price drop to $55 Also, found the Pinnacle adapter that came with it. Included.
  13. Pipes

    Make Your Own Solo Gong

    Hey guys. Tired of waiting to get your hands on a Solo Gong? Here ya go. All you need is a strait stem + a small O ring (e-cig 510 size worked for me) and, the most important ingredient, and Airwick solid room deodorizer. Then your all set and can have one in as little as 1/2 hour. Don't...
  14. Pipes


    To start with I have been pondering the posting of this information or not. This would be for the FV owners that have some minimum soldering skills and understanding of high current devices and the dangers involved. If one can afford the true OEM PA please do so, awesome product. Do not hold me...
  15. Pipes

    Simple DIY Arc Wire Welder

    Hey guys. A while back I got myself a new RBA and it is the type that you need to attach pieces of non resistive wire to the ends of the kanthal wire. I have been doing the twisting together method which works but seems to loosen up over a short time. Read up on how ecig guys made the weld...
  16. Pipes

    Win a Pipes Solo Stand

    Hey guys, just a little contest to get the brain out of neutral. The contest was initially started in the AIO+ thread but needed to be moved here to conform to the forum rules. OK, so I have made a simple stand for the WTs now popular with Solo users. The stand is made from poured liquid plastic...
  17. Pipes

    The All In One Plus Solo Accessory Package (AIO+)

    All In One Solo Accessory Package (AIO+)‏ Howdy forum members. I am starting this thread to adhere to the FC rules and give the AIO+ kit a thread of it's own for discussion and Q&A. Previously information and updates were posted in the Solo thread itself. The endeavour was initiated within...
  18. Pipes

    18650 Power Handle from TrustFire/Cree Flashlight

    This is a reasonable quality solution to a portable power handle with a latching switch. Reasonably cheap to make and is very nice quality. I purchased mine through ebay here. for $10.25 It is a "TrustFire TR-801 Cree Q5 5-Mode 300-Lumen waterproof LED Flashlight torch Lamp" for when the link...
  19. Pipes

    $5 18650 PV Mod

    Hey guys, I had been looking for a power handle which can be left in the "on" position to use with my Bulli vaporiser. I could not find anything out there except for a couple ideas in the DIY format. I found an attempt at this mod in another forum but did not seem to be designed to cope with the...
  20. Pipes

    Variable High Current Power Supply

    Finding a hard time finding that power supply that has the output you need? This little device can solve that for you. It has so many applications that I thought I'd throw the main idea out there and let imaginations run a muck. I was using ecigs in LV or 3.7 volt mode for some time when I...
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