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  1. stickstones

    Pen Xmax V3Pro vaporizer, convection, on-demand&session.

    I'm sure the new Accessory Attachment will be available separately. Not sure when, as that is dictated by supply. It's available for the ONE, and I see no reason to detour from that route. @Pukka iirc, the bristles are organic - I think from the Agave plant, but don't quote me on that until I...
  2. stickstones

    Pen Xmax V3Pro vaporizer, convection, on-demand&session.

    It's just a brush. The marketing is way over the top for that brush, for some reason. Stiffer bristles and a nice handle.
  3. stickstones

    Vape Minyan

    I'll take it!
  4. stickstones

    Vape Minyan

    Not that I'm aware of
  5. stickstones

    Rush by Weecke

    Nobody tried this yet?
  6. stickstones


    what kind of power supply? variable voltage?
  7. stickstones

    Verdamper vaporizer

    It's on our YouTube channel. Search for Troy and Jerry think dank. I hit it last night on the Simrell Cage. Still crushes, but the big glass probably effects things as well.
  8. stickstones

    Verdamper vaporizer

    Check out the end of the stream Troy and I did on the PAX a couple weeks ago. I ended it with four PAX's on El Nino, and then compared that to the Verdamper afterward. It's heavy! @VapeEscapist - that stand!
  9. stickstones

    Verdamper vaporizer

    Nope. Not off just dry herb. I took to microdosing last week...0.2 grams is a microdose in this thing! And it whooped me. Last night I packed about a half gram and hit it covering the heater intake. Fuck all if I didn't clear it all in just three hits, and I was hammered after the first! I can't...
  10. stickstones

    Verdamper vaporizer

    I got this thing a few months ago. It's been my driver for a couple weeks now. Fucking intense! I need to try @lazylathe microdose solution. The stock bowl microdose size is still 0.2 grams!
  11. stickstones

    (UNVERIFIED) Skinny by Storz & Bickel

    My sources say this was a hypothetical image used for focus group testing. Cool looking little unit, though...
  12. stickstones

    Im baaaaaaack

    Right on! what are you vaping on these days?
  13. stickstones

    Herborizer corner

    Great to see all this Herborizer chatter! What's up, gang? I can't make any sense of the numbers on my Ti, so I call it the Sebastian (S) Scale. At the end of the day, think of it as an analog dial, but with about 1000 numbers on it instead of ten. Unless you have some specific temp needs, I...
  14. stickstones

    vapolaborium. Jaw drop.

    @Vapolaborium thanks for posting all that! It was fun to follow along. In my experience, herbs that come out that dark are due to conduction/radiation. Usually from ambiant heat from wall of the herb bowl. My guess is they got that dark from sitting in the bowl the whole time. If you can remove...
  15. stickstones

    Discontinued Hopper io

    Dang...I should have done a little research on it first. I love the color of my OG blue Ti. This is my third now? I had both ss and Ti versions of the original. Just went with anodized ti this time, since I never used my ss. So far, the mouthpiece gets just as hot as the original, unfortunately...
  16. stickstones

    Discontinued Hopper io

    I got my Ti Green io today. So they're starting to go out. Mine is a super light olive green. I would call it barely green. Too close to the ss for my preference. They could have done something spectacular with the green, and this is super subtle. Testing should be fun! Got this and a package...
  17. stickstones

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Took me back! The dinky little loads with potent effects. I'll probably always revert to the og teflon, though. I spent so much time on that one back in the day, it always feels like my personal baseline.
  18. stickstones

    Tafée Bowle

    @MonkeyTime have you done the battery resets with the charge cable yet?
  19. stickstones

    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    @Kins I'm with @guyonthecouch - try filling the chamber instead of the baskets. You'll get some more herb in there...
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