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  1. darkrom

    FC-1000 Peyote Pillar Clone

    Looking to buy an FC-1000. PM me if you have one in the USA to sell. I can't buy through DHGATE and really have no interest waiting an unknown amount of time, but I'd like to try this piece with my underdog. Thanks
  2. darkrom

    VapeXhale Package $300 Shipped

    EDIT: Sold elsewhere. More at Im selling this for $300 shipped. I use ups with insurance for the full value, and tracking. Excellent condition. No damage at all. It was used on my desk and my desk only, never traveled with it etc. Includes: VapeXhale cloud evo...
  3. darkrom

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    Have you guys seen the "rosin technique" yet? Before I forget to give credit this is from @soilgrown on instagram. Basically you take a flat iron or hair iron, place a bud in parchment paper, press really hard on the hair iron to sandwich the bud for 3-5 seconds, let it cool, and the oil will...
  4. darkrom

    Vapexhale Cloud Evo + Lots Of Extras $420 Shipped

    I'm looking for $420 shipped. Insured and tracking via ups. If you are local and come meet me in MA you can have it for $400 picked up. VapeXhale cloud, power cable (not shown). Rare 2 piece stackable hydratube. Glass vapexnail and a quartz vapexnail. The water pipe adapter kit in 18+14mm. 2...
  5. darkrom

    wtb pax water adapter

    Ideally looking for 14mm. I want to use this to hook my pax up to my pinnacle water tool. I know it can be done DIY, but I don't think I have any of the materials available locally.
  6. darkrom

    CBD Strains BEFORE/AFTER Others

    What are your experiences with vaporizing high CBD strains before or after other strains? I always heard that CBD will take down the anxiety and panic of THC. I finally got a high CBD strain, it tested at 16%. Very calm and relaxing on its own, no paranoia etc. However yesterday I vaped some...
  7. darkrom

    Titanium Katana Dabber

    I'm looking for one of the katana dabbers if anyone can find one that is available, or even better if you have a used one to sell let me know. EDIT: Got three helpful replies already :) Thanks guys. Now I can buy one brand new. I'll leave this open a bit to see if anyone has a used one...
  8. darkrom

    Used Volcano For Fair Price

    I'm keeping an eye out to add one to my collection, I just think the asking price new is INSANE. If someone has one that is fully functional and would sell it please PM me your best price. I certainly don't NEED it, so I'm in no rush to over pay, but I'm putting the offer out there. I'm open...
  9. darkrom

    Gear 50 State Legal CBD Concentrate/Pen

    Hey guys just found this today. I'm thinking of trying it out. I need to wait until next payday, but its worth seeing if I get any medical effects from it. Wondering what the base of the stuff is, probably PG or PEG or something. Going to email them to ask...
  10. darkrom

    Super Easy Topical Idea, Will It Work?

    I was thinking of the easiest way for someone to make a topical and decided, why reinvent the wheel. My plan is to take this, which I already have: And heat it just enough to be able to stir it, and stir in some BHO that has been...
  11. darkrom

    Nibbler X

    I want to buy a used nibbler x. I like it, but don't want to pay retail for it. Let me know if you have one you'd part with. Willing to pay paypal or consider trades!
  12. darkrom

    Impurities Found In ALL Canned Butane...Not Good

    Quoting the well known Greywolf from another forum. "OK, I picked up the test results and am still going through it a line at a time, pulling up the MSDS sheets, starting with the items of concern. The first thing to keep in perspective, is that the total oil was 12 ppm from 21.3 liters, so...
  13. darkrom

    Is It Dangerous to Ingest QWISO/BHO?

    I'm thinking there is no difference between BHO/QWISO and RSO. It is just an extraction. I can make BHO or QWISO, but don't have a vac setup to purge. Is there any actual danger in ingesting this oil vs vaping it? I'm thinking as far as trace levels of either solvent goes is it worse than...
  14. darkrom

    CBD Tincture...50 State Legal!

    Hi everyone, I have to share this info with you in case it helps anyone out there. Dixie Botanicals is now selling CBD tinctures that are legal in all 50 states. They contain no THC and are made from hemp. I have the 100mg bottle at home now and I'm trying it out for my chronic pain...
  15. darkrom

    Persei + Bender + Hercules + Many Extras

    I am selling a persei with many accessories and 2 herb addons. Items Included: Persei (black) Double Top Battery tube adjustment tool (to use other sizes) 4 IMR 3.7 800mah batteries 2 AW IMR 3.7 700mah batteries 2 unused carts (5v) 2 metal mouth pieces 2 silicone mouth pieces Fill tool...
  16. darkrom

    3.7 Hercules

    I'm looking to buy someone's 3.7v Hercules for use with flowers in the persei. Can't justify buying it new when an upgraded model is coming out soon. Thanks!
  17. darkrom

    How To Find Caregivers?

    I live in MA and currently we do not have any dispensaries. How does someone go about finding a caregiver? I have my card already so I am trying to follow the rules and do everything properly. Are there any resources for this kind of thing? I really need to find access to indicas if...
  18. darkrom

    Lab Testing of BHO?

    Do dispensaries ever get their BHO tested by 3rd party labs to ensure they are 100% perfectly purged? If not...why? I'd imagine this would be an INCREDIBLE selling point, enough to offset whatever cost may be associated. Wouldn't you pay for lab certified? I sure would.
  19. darkrom

    vapor distillation

    Anyone know anything about this method of making hash oil? Any suggestions on possible good ways to start doing this cheap. I like the idea of solvent free oil.
  20. darkrom

    Which Kind Of Cellphone Do You Use?

    Just for fun. I'm really into technology and used most myself. Just curious!
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