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  1. ClearBlueLou

    Upgrade to Honeybird Collector tips - input, feedback, experiences

    The focus of this thread is the Honeybird nectar collector, and specifically to changes made to the tips (ceramic, quart, Ti) available for it. I picked up a kit from a forum member, and I really like it. Instead of one of each tip, I have no quartz, so I went to the home site to see about...
  2. ClearBlueLou

    Fitting a 510 cartridge on an iJust 2 battery - ?

    Kinda like it says: I have an old iJust2 rig which I don’t use anymore because all I can get is cartridges now (and I was never that sold on e-juice). The atomizer removes, and there’s a 510 threaded socket in the top of the battery: the question is not so much ‘will it fit?’ but ‘will it...
  3. ClearBlueLou

    Cannabis activism - shaping the debate

    ive sounded off on the topic plenty around here, I thought I’d try to corral it rather than bleed all over other threads. I’m at the stage where I do my best thinking ‘out loud’, and typing is the best substitute I have.... I want to start of by saying that putting together and pushing an...
  4. ClearBlueLou

    Is ‘Search’ busted? Can’t find threads I know exist

    The message is the title: I was in the “Way of Cannabis” thread, then to the Nomad thread, where I was directed to the ‘Best of nomad’ thread, but I can’t find any of them now. The results search returns are bad, as in returned results have none of the search terms present... I prolly haven’t...
  5. ClearBlueLou

    VapCat Chat

    Hey, y’all! I know we’re a chatty bunch, and I’m as bad about it as anyone, but we enjoy hanging out and keeping up with each other, so I made this, and I’m going to put my hanging-out chatter in here. Please join me!dynavap
  6. ClearBlueLou

    Dab tools for newbs: Quartz

    I posted last night on the quartz bangers thread: I am very much the newb on this, having just received my third water glass piece & first oil/dab rig, and my first banger, and preparing to move on from flowers (mostly), so I hope this thread will help me and people like me become smart...
  7. ClearBlueLou

    RFC: PLUMBING 101?

    Having made my way through a lot of glass-related conversation, display, and discussion (and having enjoyed all but a very little), I find myself with a pile of head-scratchers, so being like I am, I've been making a list of them and they add up to my not understanding how people talk about and...
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