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  1. Nycdeisel

    Attention Californians, Do you know about prop 37? (its coming this November!)

    California's Prop 37 would label Genetically Engineered or Modified Foods(known as GMOs). Do we have the right to know whats in our food? What is your stance? What will you vote(if you will be voting this year in CA)? This is a very in depth article, which also has a chart showing some of the...
  2. Nycdeisel

    Its Hemp History Week!

    Today starts this years hemp history week. June 4th to June 10th So what are you doing? That involves hemp, of course :p Im not actually doing anything, because hemp is already a part of my daily life! (Hemp seeds, hemp castile soap, hemp fabrics around the house, etc) Go Hemp! :bigleaf:
  3. Nycdeisel

    Mysterious unexplained noises heard around the globe

    This really piqued my curiosity the longer video posted on that page As you can see this...
  4. Nycdeisel

    Herb with mold and vaporizing!

    A dreaded subject, that I thought this section would be the perfect host for. I know that nowadays the medical scene is becoming more sophisticated but many of us still continue to medicate without any kind of regulated system. If you are not aware, mold on cannabis CAN be very dangerous to...
  5. Nycdeisel

    Vapes on a plane?!?!

    :lol: I thought this was just great, and I wonder which "battery powered vaporizer" she was using....
  6. Nycdeisel

    Information regarding vaporization and other cannabinoids(not THC)?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could show me any info or studies done regarding vaporization and cannabinoids besides THC. I was just looking up the different cannabinois, I know of the basics, CBN(cannabinol), CBD(cannabidiol) and of course THC. I know vaporizers are more efficient at...
  7. Nycdeisel

    Correlation between vapor tolerance and smoke tolerance?

    What is it like for you? When I smoke, I get really fucked up from a small amount, but on the other hand, I can vape others under the table!
  8. Nycdeisel

    link to glycerin tincture

    Hello, FC, my first time starting a topic on this site, I am new here. :cool: I found this recipe that seems VERY interesting and am seriously looking into making this with AVB
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