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    Fuhume Heat

    Hey guys first off this is not my vape just a new unit I received, maybe the manufacturer will join FC at some time but I thought I post about its existence. Here is some information from their site. Fuhume Custom Airflow Soothe your throat right with our original concept created to...
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    Whip Tubing - Sleeving and Covers

    This is pretty much info from the Vapolution 3 thread but it will be lost there and will be more helpful here I'm sure. If you don't have a vape that uses a lot of tubing or specifically silicone tubing this may not seem appealing or like a needed accessory. I purchased the sleeving to help...
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    RDA Wicks for your Convection Device

    Obviously cotton is a common wicking material, unfortunately it doesn't last above 500F when vaping in convection. Stainless steel doesn't hold it well, I have been using my W9 ceramic disc in my Underdog and that has been really impressive but I definitely need something to grasp these oils...
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    The Grasshopper Shipping Poll

    I wish we could make a poll for this thread on.. Who thinks its coming in.. Late May July December Next February Still looking like never I think next February sounds realistic. I actually don't think February is realistic. I am expecting mine never.
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    What's the least stinkiest whip?

    Capable of withstanding high temps and not making my area smell like vaped silicone. Also doesn't kink well.
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    Torch + Glass

    Nothing fancy, inspired by the Daisy sorry for the poor lighting.
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    60g of ABV, Oil or Oil?

    I have about 60 grams of abv that I should probably start getting rid of, any suggestions of how I should make use of it without throwing it away. The abv is a mixed variety of powder and other various grinds but its all roasted to a dark brown. The container in the background of the video shows...
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    Wake the Fk Up

    I am not posting this so I can read a bunch of opinions against candidates, nor I am giving any opinion towards candidates, I don't read up on politics as much as others so its not my concern. The video below is quite entertaining though EDIT: Updated with the YouTube version
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    Saliva + Vaping

    Topic: Does anyone else get excess saliva while vaping? Hello all, personally I don't enjoy speaking about myself, and I try to post as least as possible. But I do enjoy conversations and knowing if other humans are going through the same predicaments. Whenever vaping I seem to get too much...
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    Funny things you see on FC

    Is there a thread on FC where you can talk about a funny or humorous posts that someone posted? I always wish I could like a post or Up it because of its truth or hilarity. Do you ever just scroll through the forums and come across the most humorous or education post and wish everyone could come...
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    Personally I like my internet. This law affects you and I and very much so that other guy. I torrent a lot of things and I won't lie I have been caught more than 4 times, its not due to lack of trying to hide it or just downloading the wrong thing its just...
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    Do you rate your movies.

    As I scroll through the list of movies I have rated on Netflix, I wonder to myself how often do you all watch and rate movies. I have started to take movie watching and rating as a serious part of my life, as it is one of the only things I do everyday (excluding vaping). Also I was wondering...
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    The forum background?
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