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  1. Madcap79

    Chronic upper back pain due to cervical spondylosis.

    I've recently been diagnosed with cervical spondylosis. It's a fairly common issue with aging people. I'm 36 so it's a little early onset but my job facilitates that happening. Anyway, I'm going to a chiropractor currently and hoping to start physical therapy as well. I have a prescription for...
  2. Madcap79

    Eating ABV. Any way to curb what it does to my tummy?

    I love eating my ABV and the benefits I get from it (pain relief and sedation). I usually just sprinkle it on PB toast. It can really mess with my stomach though. Is there any way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance. Edit: I'd like to possible try coconut oil for pills.
  3. Madcap79

    Solo GonG

    Looking to pick up a Solo GonG or two. 18 or 14mm. Thanks.
  4. Madcap79

    Herbalizer or Royal Glass Custom?

    I don't know which one to get. I'd have to save some for both. One is significantly more expensive than the other. I really want both but which one first? Haven't bought glass in a while. If you haven't seen any of Royal's work here is a photo. This isn't the best example but I love his fuming...
  5. Madcap79

    Where in the world is Madcap79?

    So I thought I would start my own thread posting pictures and having conversations about my relatively new job that has me traveling quite a bit. I enjoy my job very much and thought it may be interesting to some of you. I could be totally wrong and that's fine. Feel free to join in and share...
  6. Madcap79

    ABV toast.

    Anyone else just sprinkle ABV on some peanut butter toast? Seems to work well for me. Just curious.:mmmm:
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