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  1. oddjobold

    For Sale [H] Stempod OG 2.0 setup [W] PayPal G&S [UK].

    Stempod OG 2.0. This is the full metal version, and is no longer sold. Comes with original wooden box and spares. Smoant Ladon mod included. Stempod OG 2.0 Smoant Ladon 2 battery mod. Original wooden carry case. Numb cooler stem and case. Straight stem and case. Spare build deck unused Spare...
  2. oddjobold

    The Angus vs Tetra X / P80.

    I consider the Tetra X / P80 the best tasting portable out there. How does the Angus compare from a taste perspective?
  3. oddjobold

    Completed [H] Xmas V3 pro & Accessories [W] £45 Paypal UK only

    Comes with two spare screens. Unopened original accessories Unopened silicone WPA. Glass WPA Smell proof cap. £45 shipping included UK only
  4. oddjobold

    **Ball vape comparison megathread** Compare your balls.

    The internet seems to be lacking a really good comparison on ball vapes. Please start with which ball vapes you have and your thoughts comparing between them. I seem to be limited on the choices for the poll, so this is just a bit of fun. Your comparisons are most important. Please stick to...
  5. oddjobold

    Completed [H] Herbie V2 + P80 Sinous mod UK [W] Paypal £60 EU shipping.

    [H] Herbie V2 + P80 Sinous mod UK [W] Paypal £60 EU shipping. Would suit someone that likes tinkering with coils. Includes all original accessories and box.
  6. oddjobold

    Completed [H] Tinymight UK [W] Paypal £170

    [H] Tinymight UK [W] Paypal ships anywhere. £170 plus shipping. 1 long stem, 1 cooling unit, 2 short stems, bags, orings, screens. Tinymight was a backup unit, so did not get regular use. Condition is very good.
  7. oddjobold

    The Incredible Extraction Contraption - a DIY BYOH Vaporizer Kit From DDave

    Very interested about this one. Has anyone tried it yet? "The Do It Yourself Bring Your Own Heater Vaporizer Kit It's true! We were able to create the Vaporizer seen in the photos for approximately $50-$60, in addition to the pieces provided in this kit. Do it...
  8. oddjobold

    Completed 2020m, Simrell FMJ, RWW intercooler, orings, ccds £55 PP G&S (UK)

    2020m, Simrell FMJ, RWW intercooler, orings, ccds £55 PP G&S includes UK shipping.
  9. oddjobold

    Want to Buy Dynavap tip and cap. ELV8R (UK)

    After a dynavap tip and cap. Don't care about the model ELV8R. Looking for the bowl model. Based in UK, so would need to be in the UK or EU to be worth the shipping.
  10. oddjobold

    Premium grinder

    I have never had a premium grinder and ready to take the jump this 420. Been using a fake space case grinder for a while. Will there be a big improvement? I am in the UK, so my choices are limited. I want a kief catcher so looking at a 4-piece. I am down to a choice of two. The herb ripper...
  11. oddjobold

    Portable halogen vape.

    I found this video interested. Am I right in thinking any 3s 11.1v lipo could power a g4 halogen? You could get a much smaller lipo such as the one used In the PSM. For people who...
  12. oddjobold

    Sticky wand

    So what are we looking at? This is straight sticky brick air intake. I had to buy this as I have a runt. However they are quite cheap (about £12). This fits perfectly in to the Ispire wand if you insert it from underneath. If I somehow took off the lip from the air intake it would fit both...
  13. oddjobold

    Completed DTv4 + Pico 75w + stash cap + spares

    Divine tribe V4 with TI cup installed. Pico 75mod with artic fox. Stash cap. Never been filled. 2x Spare Ti cups 1x Quartz cup 1x Sic cup. Spare clips, o rings and heater brackets. Dab tool A very small a stealthy setup. Looking for £50 EU & UK. £60 US includes shipping.
  14. oddjobold

    Completed [H] Glassware for Ispire wand [W] Paypal

    3 x Concentrate cups 1x Flower cup 2x Straight banger 1x Angled banger 1x Carb cap All brand new and never been used. NO WAND. Glass only. Price includes shipping. EU & UK £40, US £50
  15. oddjobold

    Coil king AIO

    This looks pretty cool. Quoting the site above Features Powerful vapour production Can be used MTL (mouth to lung) style Can be used at any angle after...
  16. oddjobold

    Completed Fury Edge 2 with unsued Hula stem

    Fury edge V2. Brought Feb 21. Condition 8.5/10. Slight damage in one corner by screen, purely cosmetic. Works perfectly. See 2nd photo. Mind condition box, mostly unopened accessories, and un-used Hula stem. $120 USA, £80 UK, €95 EU Prices include shipping.
  17. oddjobold

    Fury edge vs Xmax V3 pro

    Considering spinning the wheel again, and selling my Fury Edge to fund a Xmax v3 pro. I am particularly interested in comparisons on vapor quality. The vapor quality of the edge is pretty average and definitely it's worst feature. The v3 pro removable battery would be a big bonus. Anyone...
  18. oddjobold

    Completed Portside mini with megagear case. Andycap stem, ti tip, cap and dynacoil. Portside mini & mega gear case. Portside mini is mint condition...
  19. oddjobold

    Boundless vapes : Vexil Don't know any information yet other than this post. Coming very soon! Boundless have always made solid vapes - so could be good. What would you want in a new boundless unit? @Boundless Vape Technology any more hints for us!
  20. oddjobold

    Worth upgrading from PSM to ispire wand?

    I have a PSM. It's served me well but I have an itch. I could sell it and buy a ispire wand. At the moment my vape collection is 1 in 1 out, as I don't have much room. I usually use my PSM out and about. Its a little large, even with carry case. Is the wand more pocketable? A photo if someone...
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