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  1. Zow237

    Aluminum and all the other crazy things listed on my label I dont think this is being talked about right now but if it is feel free to delete.... Ive dealt with...
  2. Zow237

    Maple Burl HI w straight FAB

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] I have a barely used pretty much brand new maple burl HI from Alan that i got last week. Its just not what I was looking for. Comes with one of alans new stems and a 14mm ss stem. Purple straight Fab. I can also include the ud 12v psu.
  3. Zow237

    repost, Lil Bud 108 shipped only till the 4th

    I have LIL Bud for sale. i thought i had an issue with heat but it was user error. My draw wasnt right and i wasnt packing it right either. Anywho this lil bud works great and the magnets should be on their way from bravesst. 125 shipped :) forgot to add come with 2 batts and charger 108...
  4. Zow237

    LIL Bud price drop 135 shipped ;)

    Have a lil b 2 batts and charger up for sale or trade. The battery door is missing a magnet so it has a hair tie holding it closed. Everything works fine i am asking 150 shipped OBO or id love to get a trade on this. lmk what you have. conus pls only
  5. Zow237

    PID Controller, Sol stereo china glass

    I have an rdk 200 PID controller that works flawlessly. I would like to get 50 shipped obo I also have a stereo sol perc glass piece with a slyme green mp and base. 50 obo will be cleaned thoroughly before shipped. [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG]
  6. Zow237

    Showerhead, omni, and elev8er price drop 70 shipped :)

    [/IMG] i posted every link i could on imgr sorry if the pictures dont show up? showerhead 20mm coil controller and 14mm stubby bowl. Looking for trades open to anything and may be able to through some glass in the deal as well. has some scratches on the ti but nothing crazy. dark wood omni...
  7. Zow237

    Sw2 and Fp bowl

    Have a pink secret weapon 20 shipped. 18mm bowl with a broken handle 20 shipped mod note: edited to embed images
  8. Zow237

    Sneaky Pete predator

    have a sneaky Pete predator for sale. 30 shipped
  9. Zow237

    Shower head, 18mm bowl, showercap (price drop)

    Shower head, bowl and shower cap, lookin for 115 shipped mod note: edited to embed images
  10. Zow237

    SSV GS and 16mm coil

    SSV 90 shipped - comes with wand and mp but no whip. Works flawlessly. GS 120 shipped obo- comes with funnel and stadium bowl. also an extra handle. 16mm used coil 15 shipped
  11. Zow237

    Ssv 100obo and GS 120 obo

    Glass symphony comes with two bowls,and extra handle. Asking 120 or best offer SSV no whip but I have the wand. Works flawlessly. 100 obo mod note: edited to embed images
  12. Zow237

    Ltb of shower head cap!

    Looking for og shower head cap. Don't want the ti one. Thanks!
  13. Zow237

    Sai atomizer

    looking for a sai atomizer :) and mod
  14. Zow237

    Glass and 16mm fp set

    – SOL ccg incycler 14 mm glass piece use only a few times just an absolute beast and flavor monster asking 50+ shipp – Custom US glass banger with shower perc and grateful dead themed Millie with Garfield Inside 65 shipped obo -16 mm flowerpot. Comes with 18 mm male bowl, lollicap, sic dish...
  15. Zow237

    Mv1 Idk why I can never get the pictures to load. Sorry mods I'm following the instructions. Pretty much new mv1 3 days old. New firmware 2 crucibles all the lil accessories that it came with. Haven't registered the 5 year warranty yet. Lmk what you got or I'll take 220...
  16. Zow237

    Glass symphony

    Glass symphony 150 shipped with two bowls. If you want the pid let's work a deal
  17. Zow237

    M (sold) and solo 2 150 obo

    More pics at 95obo will split everything at 30 a piece plus shipping •dynavap m sold •ti tip/ and ss tip sold • wenge dynastash sold • dual torch lighter Solo 2 150 shipped I accidentally cut the inner rubber in the oven with a screen. Hasn't hindered anything...
  18. Zow237

    Fp, glass symphony And vapcap m

    Have to get rid of my desktops :( 16mm fp with xlr coil and Lolli cap. 125 Glass symphony and 2 bowls 175 Vapcap m 35 shipped Obo! Pm for questions mod note: edited to embed image
  19. Zow237

    16mm fp with sic dish and coil 110 shipped. Also vapcap m for 30 shipped

    Open to offers for trades. Fp xlr auber 16mm coil, bowl piece, 16mm post with ceramic dish. And lollicap. Just cleaned everything up. 100 Vapcap m- 30 shipped mod note: edited to embed image
  20. Zow237


    Hate to sell this but it's not getting he love it deserves. 75 shipped nothing scorched and might just need a new coat of wax on the wood. Will come with the torch for an additional 5 Thanks :) if I'm to high on price send me an offer
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