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  1. badbee

    Lower taxes at dispensary on reservation land?

    My wife read something online that in Michigan the cannabis taxes are much lower at dispensaries located on native reservation lands. Can anyone from Michigan confirm that. Does this apply in any other states, Washington for example? I'm surprised\skeptical about this, the laws controlling...
  2. badbee

    Mother of god it's hot here in the PNW

    OK, it's now 85 in the house and 105 outside. In Seattle... WTF If it gets any hotter I'll be able to vape by cracking a jar and sniffing. Take care friends in OR and WA, one more day to go until the relief of only 85 outside.
  3. badbee

    Do you want a good price on Molicel P26A's ?

    Molicel P26A's are on sale for $3.50 at This is a reputable battery supplier, no fakes. Wasn't sure where to put this so posting it as a question in AskFC :)
  4. badbee

    Can you use a preloaded SAI TAF like a cart?

    So I'm thinking I want to completely give up using carts, for all the obvious reasons. If a SAI TAF is preloaded can it provide multiple small hits spread over a few hours in a dark (mostly) room without need to turn on a light or fuss over it? Periodic cleaning is OK so long as it can be done...
  5. badbee

    Do you think a circuit designed for 2S (Ghost MV1) can handle 12 V?

    I would love the opinion of the electronics types on here: @Pipes , @TommyDee, @RustyOldNail , @RedEyeFlightControl , @mr_cfromcali . Please give me your best guess answer to this question: Is it probable that a circuit designed to handle battery power of 6.4 to 8.4 V is using components that...
  6. badbee

    Circuit Designers high current voltage reg

    I am hoping to get Pipes and some of the other induction heater circuit designers to help with a question. I am looking into what it takes to replace 18650s with a custom voltage regulator to power a portable vape. I already have my Ghost running off a desktop power supply. The problem is...
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