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  1. TheHerbPuffer

    Two vapes that are the perfect combination?

    1. I have a HA and want another vape. I'm leaning towards DBV because HA's strong points are bag and vapebonging and DBV is apparently the best whip vape (for the price). What do you think? 2. What two vapes do you think are the best combination in general?
  2. TheHerbPuffer

    Best methods, set-up, modifications for the HA?

    I'm waiting for my first vape (HA) to arrive at my doorstep and i feel like it's already Christmas. I'm already thinking of all the possibilities i can do with it. Is direct draw straight to the bong the best way for vapebonging? How do you go about getting a bigger diameter tube, and drilling...
  3. TheHerbPuffer

    Da Buddha or HerbalAire

    iv been researching for a week on which vaporizer fits my needs. I initially went with HA because of tri functional, durability, and customer service. Then I started finding out that most people end up preferring the whip mode. and also understand DBV has thicker, bigger hits than HA, although...
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