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  1. wildything

    CCG 12" Slyme Fabegg - $80 OBO PP

    CCG slyme(china) aka milky green fabegg, 14mm joint with showerhead perc. purchased in the summer of 2017 and had to wait a couple months for them to make the color for it. The color is similar to American "yoshi" but is not cfl reactive. Additionally this model was discontinued immediately...
  2. wildything

    Alconox (cleaner)

    So Ive been using pbw for a year now, since following that thread here, as well as isopropyl alcohol for cleaning glass. But ever since I heard about Alconox I was intrigued. So I was researching recently and found this statement in the Q and A page on their website "Overall, the Alconox...
  3. wildything

    Pulsar sprinkler recycler- $60 shipped (price drop!)

    Hey I acquired this Pulsar glass recycler in a trade with a friend who had purchased the recycler from a local head shop for $250 in December 2015. Its a very large recycler with thick glass and is very heavy featuring a 18mm joint, and at about 15" and has a large volume with an unique chug do...
  4. wildything

    Grav Labs tree perc Hydratube (for Vapexhale Cloud Evo)

    This glass Hydratube is in perfect flawless condition with a nice flush bottom and 18mm joint. It is extremely stable considering the lack of a built in base and is unlikely to fall over when not in the unit. I received this as part of the "give thanks" bundle Vapexhale recently was doing and...
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