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  1. Duncan MacLeod

    Your most effective vape

    What do you find to be your ‘most effective’ vaporizer? For those of you who find themselves wanting larger doses, what do you reach for? I love my e-nano but feel I need something that may deliver more in less time.
  2. Duncan MacLeod

    Concentrate stains on your favorite pants

    Hey guys and gals, I was wondering if anyone had experience with concentrate stains/stain removal. I managed to get a funny oil stain right around the crotch of my pants and I can't seem to lift it out completely. I'm having moderate success with iso, but it's still there.
  3. Duncan MacLeod

    Solo & GonG $75 shipped

    (Re-posting this with lower price) Silver Solo Purchased new August 2015 and well-cared for Comes with: Bent stem Straight stem PVHES Turbo GonG 14mm 3 new screens for GonG Charger Manual I am asking $75 to ship in the US Feel free to message me with any questions Thanks!
  4. Duncan MacLeod

    Orbiter $45

    Sorry for re-posting this. Magic Flight Orbiter Bought new and gently used Includes everything except the whips Asking $45 shipped CONUS
  5. Duncan MacLeod

    Solo and GonG $90

    I purchased this new this previous August/September (2015). I bought it after discovering this site :) Comes with everything pictured: Silver Solo Charger Bent stem Straight stem 14mm PVHES turbo GonG w/ extra fine screens I am asking $90 OBO Please contact me with any questions or offers...
  6. Duncan MacLeod

    Walnut Magic Flight Launch Box

    Brand new, never used MFLB in walnut Comes with everything pictured 2 Glyph batteries and 4 other rechargeable batteries 2 Glass stems Comes without cleaning brush (sorry, the brush is practically ruined) MF's Lifetime Warranty Asking $70 shipped
  7. Duncan MacLeod

    Orbiter $45

    Magic Flight Orbiter Bought new and used gently Asking $45 shipped CONUS Thanks for looking!
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