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  1. shopdognyc

    Uncle Vitolo

    Haven't heard from him in a while. Anyone know how he is doing? @Vitolo
  2. shopdognyc

    Balls in vapes: Boro, Ruby, SS, Titanium, SIC?

    Can someone educate me on the differences for performance?
  3. shopdognyc

    Torching titanium nails

    Anyone still torch titanium nails? I have friends say there are better ways but just like the exercise of torching a nail
  4. shopdognyc

    510 Mods Storage

    For 510 Box Mod users, do you have any stand / storage solutions you guys use? Modpod Labs has a neat stash that can hold the Stempod, plus mouthpieces etc. I've seen some stands, not sure if on purpose or hacked together. Would be interested in what people do. Enano comes with a base...
  5. shopdognyc

    Any Dreamwood Vapopipe Fans?

    I've been slowly growing a Dreamwood collection. Any fans of the vapopipe?
  6. shopdognyc


    Found this on Reddit How does this guy do this?
  7. shopdognyc

    Storz & Bickel Orders

    Placed an order early June for the loading tray and some other things. Just got a ship notice today. For anyone who is expecting anything, just giving time reference. 3 months?
  8. shopdognyc

    Grav Ash Catcher

    Was thinking of getting a Grav Ash Catcher. Any feedback on these? The standard and phoenix.
  9. shopdognyc

    Registering Devices with Storz & Bickel

    I registered my Crafty+ and Mighty. Crafty got approved first, but it said registered without a serial number. I added the photo. Was purchased from Anyone register with this type of message?
  10. shopdognyc

    Simrell plus Mighty/Crafty

    For those who added a Simrell stem plus Vortex to Mighty/Crafty, did you guy go with a short or the XL?
  11. shopdognyc

    Angled Mouthpiece

    As I am learning as I'm going, picked up a couple small bubblers, and appreciate the ease of use. I've dusted off a water bong I purchased years ago, and for the most works well. I just find it a bit awkward mouthing the mouthpiece. Its a beaker style. For everyone else who uses glass, is...
  12. shopdognyc

    AVB or ABV

    Which is correct or does it not really matter?
  13. shopdognyc

    Other Vaping Forums Recommendations

    I've only recently come to FC, and from Reddit. Any other forums people recommend for information?
  14. shopdognyc

    Grav vs High Standard or others

    I’ve really been enjoying the window opening I to this world. I’ve been a hobbyist but with no real teacher and never thought to research, until recently. My current fascination are bongs. I purchased one out on the West coast years ago and just recently attempted an overdue clean with 90%...
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