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  1. WoodVillain

    For Sale Price drop: Revolve, simrell MVS, and M dynavap stems.

    Selling as a package. $225 shipped priority mail. PP or cashapp. No trades. Will not separate. Any questions feel free to ask. No caps/tips. Exactly what's pictured will be included. Click on or scroll through to see all pictures. Thanks. Price drop $200 shipped.
  2. WoodVillain

    Completed Tetra P80 SOLD

    PENDING. >> Sold. Tetra p80 from the latest drop. Listed as curly blackheart mango / silver. Used less than 10 times. Works great. I just prefer the simpler dynavap experience. But this is a great vape, read the thread for more info. I'm including everything that comes with it including the...
  3. WoodVillain

    Dynavap: Beautiful Simrell stem with titanium

    SOLD! A beautiful yet very functional work of art. A Simrell collection made segmented stem out of Amboyna burl and ebony wood, with aluminum accents. It is lined with Titanium and has a built in, non-removable, titanium condenser. NO CARB. The stem was used once and put away for safe keeping...
  4. WoodVillain

    SOLD. Omnivap, old and new style plus extras

    SOLD! First things first... I want to sell this as a package to limit going to the post office multiple times. If it doesn't sell as a package i may break it up later. Price is $250 shipped and insured priority mail. Comes with everything pictured. Including the pelican case, torches, and...
  5. WoodVillain

    SOLD. Green titanium Vapcap

    SOLD! Brand new as received from dynavap. Green spinning mouthpiece, green omni body, green titanium tip, regular condenser. Comes with a used 2017 M, with titanium tip. Does not come with stainless steel tip. Includes one brand new as received cap. $140 PayPal friends and family, shipped...
  6. WoodVillain

    Fury 2 and Dynavap M- ANOTHER PRICE DROP

    The fury2 was used maybe 7-8 times, only owned a couple weeks or so. a great vape but I just prefer butane powered vapes personally. The accessories weren't used. The bubbler is brand new just recieved today. Not pictured but also included is the charger and 5 dosing caps. 1 used, 4 new. The...
  7. WoodVillain

    Dynavap M with extra Ti tip. TRADES ADDED

    This is an extra set i haven't used. Will come with everything pictured. Brand new 2017 M and a brand new Ti tip. $70 paypal friends/ family, shipped priority mail... $75 paypal goods shipped priority mail. I may be interested in trades for butane powered vapes, especially a vapman or lotus...
  8. WoodVillain

    Firewood 3, Lily, Arizer Air

    SOLD!!!! Thanks! First things first, this is a package deal. Requests to separate will be ignored. Request to hold till another date will be ignored. Everything is well used, i will clean it all pretty good before i ship it but they are used please understand that!! Im selling at a low cost...
  9. WoodVillain

    Arizer Air with loads of extras!! Price drop $160

    Selling my Air, a wonderful vape that has served me well but doesnt get used any more and could go on to server someone else well. First things first... Please notice in the pictures there is no charger... Thats because i never used it and always charged the batteries in a nitecore charger. Im...
  10. WoodVillain

    EQ and logs- all sold!

    Buckeye UD and VVPS are SOLD. Still have the EQ, but only 1 cyclone bowl and 1 brand new bag. Im also including the UD mini with this but no accessories for the mini. Its a freebie and comes as it came to me, with nothing LOL Cheapest shipping option due to the travel case's size and weight...
  11. WoodVillain

    Arizer EQ w/ Vapecase - ADDED Trade for LILY or Daisy,

    Withdrawn. Moving next week, not enough time left now to comfortably complete a deal. I have an Arizer Extreme Q, used for a year or so. Never gave me any issues or problems and still works great. I just have an Underdog log that i prefer. Comes with the EQ, 3 new, already tied bags. 1 turkey...
  12. WoodVillain

    Vapor residual harder to clean off glass??

    Is it just me or does vaping in a bubbler make it harder to clean than just combusting? Well i guess its both vape and combust makes it harder to clean than just combust. I have never ONLY vaped in a bubbler... But, use to when i was only combusting in it, i could clean my FC-187 in just a...
  13. WoodVillain

    PVHES Vortex and 14mm GonG for Air/Solo PRICE DROP

    I have a Vortex stem and 14mm Gong here, both from PlanetVape. The Gong is NOT the high efficient one, it has the standard chamber/bowl like the normal stems. The Vortex however is H.E. of course. Both have been used, i received 2 Gongs on trade and decided to trade one and keep one. I have...
  14. WoodVillain

    Air/Solo stems: PVHES Vortex, solo bent, 70mm all glass and more

    TRADED Thanks everyone for looking, but this is GONE. I have some extra stems up for trade, the only one that i have used is the solo bent, and i only tried it a couple times and then cleaned it and put it away. PVHES Vortex - I value at $30 Solo bent - I value at $10 70mm all glass - I...
  15. WoodVillain

    PV Vortex Stem for Arizer Air/Solo

    Looking for a Vortex stem from PV for an Arizer Air/solo.
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