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  1. Baron23

    Completed SOLD - NewVape Micro-20 Rosin Press with EXTRAS!!

    For sale is my NewVape Micro-20 Rosin Press. Micro-20 originally sold for about $3,500 before shipping $1,250 $1,000 will take it but it STEAL IT FROM ME...MAKE ME AN OFFER must be purchased face to face as there is no way to box and ship its…it’s that heavy duty. I will consider ALL...
  2. Baron23

    EVO - dial position/temp do you use

    In a recent thread, it came about that I allowed how I run my EVO at about 1:15 - 1:30 on the dial for whole flower and believe that I get very well extracted AVB. I also allowed as how this seems to be a fairly common dial position/temp based on anecdotal rememberances of past discussions...
  3. Baron23

    Found and Closed - 30 mm Obsidian Insert - either NV or CCA710

    I am looking to purchase a 30mm Obsidian insert either sourced from New Vape or CCA710. Thanks
  4. Baron23

    CBD for Anxiety - any evidence?

    Hi folks - my very dear friend, who is a world renown oncological surgeon, well...his daughter suffers from debilitating chronic anxiety. And she's pretty young, maybe 27 or so. Of course the first round is always pharma but they haven't been able to find an effective treatment that doesn't...
  5. Baron23

    Wonderful Video on Reticello Glass making

    I don't really know anything about glass making, but the work done in this video was both enlightening and extremely impressive.
  6. Baron23

    Weed You're Smoking Might Not Be What You Think

    The Weed You're Smoking Might Not Be What You Think In both the legal and illegal cannabis market, the type — or "strain" — of marijuana has taken on great significance for consumers. As the logic goes, if you're looking for a specific type of high or medical benefit: there's a strain for that...
  7. Baron23

    Decarbing Concentrate

    Hi guys - I have a couple of grams of wax that I just don't want to dab and would like to use in edibles so I need to decarb it. I have the relevant skunk pharm graphs and am planning to decarb at 250 F for 30 minutes. Its currently in a silicone oil slick container which should be able to...
  8. Baron23

    Washington to increase testing pot for pesticides

    Washington state to increase testing pot for pesticides FILE--In this June 4, 2014, file photo, chief scientist for Analytical 360, Randall Oliver, scales out a sample of marijuana at their new cannabis analysis laboratory in Yakima, Wash. Washington state has agreed to begin more regular...
  9. Baron23

    Recommendations for enail controller

    Hi guys - I will not go through the whole bloody ordeal that I went through with Greenlights and their G9 Omron E5CC enail controller. I posted on this at obnoxious length in the Cheap Chinese Enail thread. But the bottom line is what they sent was poorly designed (no external relay at all...
  10. Baron23

    Ethics, Karma and Grasshopper Warranty Discussion

    I think I may have mentioned it, but I have a friend who has two and has lent me one to evaluate and possibly buy (if Hopper will allow warranty transfers). -Snip- Modnote: This and the following 30 posts were moved from the Grasshopper thread.
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