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  1. KidFated.

    Completed Hydratube

    18mm. Payment ready to be sent. let me know please.
  2. KidFated.

    Completed Mobius Glass

    Looking for a tube or bubbler.
  3. KidFated.

    Want to Buy Dynavap WOODY body/stems

    Looking for more of the older wooden midsections. I’d really appreciate it if someone had some they wouldn’t mind selling. I don’t care for the newer ones. And yes I know my dude Ed is an option, but it’s just not the same to me.
  4. KidFated.

    Pay It Forward Contest

    Greetings FC’ers! I’m beyond honored to be able to offer up this contest/drawing, I couldn’t have done it without the help of some awesome people I can call friends. The purpose of this INTERNATIONAL contest is to simply get people thinking of others. We’ve all had rough times, and asking for...
  5. KidFated.

    is the community changing?

    I’ve gotten a really weird vibe lately throughout the cannabis industry as a whole, FC included.. it seems like the community is becoming more self oriented and more about self progression instead of focusing on progression as a whole. I feel like the community was more strict on shady and...
  6. KidFated.

    A couple S&B dosing pods

    i just need one or two.. help a brother out? Payment at the ready.
  7. KidFated.

    Winegums Stem or Body

    Pm with a pic. Payment ready
  8. KidFated.


    Looking for offers, might just grab it from new vape
  9. KidFated.

    MVT & LB

    Alright fc fam. I’m stuck between two vaporizers and I could use some help.. I’ve been looking at on demand but I’m trying to stay away from mods. So I got stuck on the mist vape models and the lil bud by vapwood. Can somebody help me out with who has used both?
  10. KidFated.

    Woody stems

    Would love some older Dynavap stems, show me what you’ve got :cool:
  11. KidFated.

    Daisy or Peace

    Please? I would realllllly like one of these this holiday season.. :bowdown:
  12. KidFated.

    Desktop Vape

    Let me know what you got!
  13. KidFated.

    7 fin vapcap tip

    please pm me with offer
  14. KidFated.

    Vapcap Induction Heater

    PM with offer, thank you!
  15. KidFated.


    Please PM me and let me know what you have
  16. KidFated.

    OG Glass Vapcap

    OG vapcap, either one carb or two I could care less. Also any older gen vapcap stuff I would be interested in. Thanks FC!
  17. KidFated.

    OG DaVinci vaporizer

    I'm looking for the OG, WITH a charger. Immediate payment. PM please.
  18. KidFated.

    FP bowl

    14 18 who cares. I’m broke after a few setbacks, help me out?
  19. KidFated.

    Cheap 18mm HT

    payment ready to be sent. I need something for my hydrobrick, thanks!
  20. KidFated.

    Peace by Triihouse

    looking for a peace, hoping for a homie holder as well..
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