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    Gear Simrell Warhead

    So I've had the Warhead for over a month now and I am loving this badass torch-based nectar collector-style dab device. And this awesomeness needs its own thread in the concentrates section, since mentions of it get lost in the Dynavap focused general Simrell thread. And it can be paired with...
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    New 4/20 Experiences

    So I know everyone is hopping on the great sales and releases on 4/20 (whassup CH and Vestratto!), but I got to thinking that this would also be a good day for us vape enthusiasts spread our wings and try something new or that you haven't done in a while. Maybe that's a concentrate and flower...
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    Flavor-chasing vapes for Concentrate

    Came across a review of the Dr. Dabber Stella that got me thinking about getting something that really excels at MAX FLAVOR from concentrates. I liked its feature that keeps heated concentrate liquid, which seems to keep things flavor forward. What do y'all recommend when you aren't looking for...
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