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  1. Magic9

    Any Graphic Designers here?

    I'm wondering if they're any graphic designers on here? I need some design help.
  2. Magic9

    Completed LNIB Volcano Classic (Sold)

    SOLD Selling a like new in box Volcano CLassic. Less than 10 hours use on it. Comes with everything as it did new except for two bags. They are dirty so I won't ship them. Comes with 3 brand new bags. One of which has he adapter to reuse. Also comes with a brand new chamber reducer. $285 PP...
  3. Magic9

    Completed WTB CLassic Volcano with easy valve bags

    Looking to replace a Volcano I regret getting rid off. Looking for a classic, but could be interested in a Digit. No hybrids unless super cheap. Must be in good shape. Extras are appreciated. Will use PP G&S. Edit* US only
  4. Magic9

    Volcano vs EVO for concentrates?

    I've had both these two in my possession. While I enjoyed both, I sold them off for one reason or another (read: I needed money). I'm mainly a flower guy, but now I'm in a newly legal state with access to concentrates finally. For occasional extract use, which one would be better? The Volcano...
  5. Magic9

    Is VTAC back?

    I think he is on right now at FC.
  6. Magic9

    Anyone else see VTAC on right now???

    AM I too high? @vtac is that you?
  7. Magic9

    Underdog rebuilding - Go Fund Me

    I wanted to post this here as well as the UD thread. Dave and Amanda have been very supportive of our community. I hope we can get them started on their rebuild from the wildfires.
  8. Magic9

    SOLD Vapexhale Cloud EVO

    Up for sale is a Cloud Evo. Asking for $170. That includes priority shipping and PP fees. Comes with the EVO unit, heat shield, 2 bowls, and the power cord. The only trades I'd be interested in are Underdogs.
  9. Magic9

    DEA Plans To Decide Whether To Reschedule Marijuana By Mid-Year

    "The agency gave no clue whether it will remove pot from its Schedule 1 category of dangerous drugs." I'm guessing they won't. The money incentive is still too large to make such a move possible without broader/more vocal support. Fingers crossed though. Edit* Shit. Sorry. Forgot to link it...
  10. Magic9

    What do Californians (and the rest) think of AUMA?

    It looks pretty good on the surface. The limits are low, but that can be fixed later. I also can't imagine the limits being much of an issue unless someone gets too blatant. I wonder how the criminal penalties will be rewritten? The only thing I could find was as follows: CRIMINAL OFFENSES –...
  11. Magic9

    What Colorado's Governor Wants America to Know About Legalizing Weed

    Interesting article with an interview from Hickenlooper. "After the election, if I could've had a magic wand, and I could've waved it and reversed the outcome of the election, I would've done it," he said. "Now if I had that same magic wand, I'm not sure I'd wave it."
  12. Magic9

    Contingency Plan

    This is a hard thread to start. I may ramble. Some shit might get misconstrued. Bear with me. Without getting all sappy, I love this community. I don't do Facebook, Twitter, etc. I keep a very tight circle in the real life. I am not wired to be much of a social guy. Even if we've never talked...
  13. Magic9

    Is this Chicago news report (MMJ) biased? Or am I?

    So after watching the Saint/Bears game last night, trying to figure out who was throwing more passes to Saints players, the news came on. They had a very special investigative report regarding MMJ in Illinois...
  14. Magic9

    Bend over for the "Cromnibus"

  15. Magic9

    "Fuck it. I quit"

    I love this.
  16. Magic9

    Mini VVPS $15 shipped

    VVPS (TPN 023) with tattoo/vape cord. Used about an hour total. $15 Da Buddha storage/travel bag (bag only). Tan, good condition (string took a bit of a beating in the washing machine, see pic). $15. ---BAG IS SOLD! Price includes shipping (Priority, US only) and PayPal fees. Payment by...
  17. Magic9

    R.I.P Joan Rivers

    Another comedic legend gone.
  18. Magic9

    Travel VVPS $20 shipped

    Selling my hardly used VVPS. Used for an hour or so total time. Has the tattoo cord with it. $20 paypal gets it shipped anywhere in the US.
  19. Magic9

    My 3rd year here....4/19....

    Trophies Awarded to Magic9 30 Awarded: 8 minutes ago Third Anniversary You've been a member for 3 years, congratulations! Seems like forever ago. Strangely proud. Almost 4/20. Fuck it, I'll take it. Thanks FC!
  20. Magic9

    Be careful at hydro stores/ WTF Illinois? I thought I was just paranoid, but I guess not. Be careful shopping at hydro stores.
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