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    Completed Closed- putting on IG auction ❤️

    Every batch of glass I have my glass send me something to help recover a bit from his bill, and this is it 🥰 will come with a stand for the Green Heavy.

    Tinfoil.Hat tools and accessories

    So my wife has been playing around with making things herself. She finished this tool for me last night and plans to make more and was looking into trying things besides tools. I believe she is going to have me make some coming soon with different shapes and tools and see what people think on...

    DV copper mass I used pure copper for drinking water lines with a 3/8 tubing. Tools used Dremel with a cut off wheel, thinner is better here this is to put slit down the side so it can tighten onto the cap, with the slit cut into it makes a perfect fit...

    Cloud Connoisseur Zenith I’m pretty tired and will offer more info as it gets closer to release, Zenith will be made all in house with no foreseeable problems with supply chain issues. It can be hooked onto a mod or be walled. It operates at...

    Distillate recipes?

    So I have a bunch of d8 and THC-O and was wondering if any one has recipes. D8 has a bitter sticky to it I don’t enjoy but this thc-o is another level for legal distillates. Wondering if any one was versed in some recipes. I over ate d8 and I left earth so just trying to find good amount for...

    For Sale Collyland VB classic and glass

    VB classic woodland fantasy with cappuccino mint dish- $410 shipping covered USA Marcotte dunny $260 shipping covered sorry idk how to flip photo. Preemo 14 inch tube hoss downstem $90 shipping covered in 🇺🇸

    Cloud Connoisseur Glass

    So I just tossed my name in the hat for glass distributor put down payments on glass I designed myself that is unique in ways that us Vapers don’t get. I am gearing my glass towards vaping instead of buying pieces made for combustion and adding and buying parts to make it more effective and...

    Atlas by Cloud Connoisseur (iDB)

    So if you have been following the halo this will have same upcoming internals but the heater is a SS cartridge with ceramic. Surrounded in boro. The release of this vape will follow shortly after the halo. The body it’s in now is just the prototype body and will be dressed like the halo.

    Halo by Cloud Connoisseur (iDB)

    Hey guys I’ve been a bit ghost lately I got hurt and didn’t do much off my couch or out my bed but I finally was able to get out there for a quick bit to finish the last part I need to show you the prototype I made. This is the first prototype of the iDB eHandle. I’ve had quite a bit of help...

    iDB enail handles.

    Hey guys I thought I would start a thread here for my enail handles and wood accessories since this will be first one going out into the wild on Monday a long with 2 more. The base price is $65 plus S&H which is about $5 priority in USA. Willing to ship world wide. My Instagram is...

    Looking for a glass 3 way

    Title sounds funky I know, but I have been looking every where for glass adapter 18mm male on bottom 18mm female on top and 10mm on side. Would really love if the 10mm was horizontal instead of the angled, but I’ll check whatever out. Thank you to any one who can help.

    Tokedvapors (name pending)

    I found this unit on IG. So far he has 10 units available. The heater is the same style as tafee bowl is what I was told. The unit I purchased has the dna chip with tubo. I believe the stem and mouthpiece is 10mm. Hopefully if PayPal gets back up and running for him I can finish my purchase and...

    DiY lab based vape

    Just spitballing some ideas after having more time to read up on another thread. Heater — Heating Chamber —...

    DiY glass symphony

    I did not make this list This guy beat me to it. I was putting a list together after talking to the guy who posted his DiY a week or so ago. I was going to make then post. here’s the video of the glass symphony. and here’s a pic of my wife when I was telling her I need to order more diy...

    Ais vape

    It's a rebrand vape but it reminds me of a dotleaf their ig is they have multiple chambers. They are not interchangeable with dotleaf


    So my xmas gift I'm receiving this year is a lathe, chisels, and a chuck *yeah were weird and tell/ask about our gifts at my house*. I'm buying a drill press too. I would like to make stems and other accessories purely as hobby. I would like to know from all the other wood workers what are some...

    Glass cabinets

    So with my glass collection always expanding faster than it is shrinking I was thinking about getting a glass hutch or china cabinet. Just wondering if any one else has a nice designated area for their glass? Pics would cool. Just getting ideas for what I want.

    Ethanol diamonds?

    Sorry if this knowledge is floating around, I just couldn't find any definite answer. After being out of the extraction loop I've been getting back into with my increasing amount of abv I aquire every month. I have just been making qwet with all of it. I have been saving for a couple months and...

    Stink wont stay away?!

    So all my glass have a smell, almost like vapor glob stink (globs that accumulate while vaping) and I cannot get the smell out and shortly after cleaning and using it comes back quickly. It's almost like my glass is stained with the smell/taste. I wash every day at most 2 days with 2-3 pieces of...

    IG giveaways

    So I enter pretty much every giveaway herbal related. Does any one else have this problem? If you answered yes we should definitely be IG friends n tag each other. My ig is @iDRINKBLEACH.dx.xb
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