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  1. tdavie

    I gotta ask any American who watches politics; super committee ??'s

    I try to follow US politics (3-4 US news channels, several websites, RSS feeds and 2 newsmagazines) and I've been aware of the super committee since the idea was first floated publicly. I knew what it was empowered to do, even if subsequent legislative measures might try to oppose it and I'm...
  2. tdavie

    Ideas for a Cannabis 'Full English Breakfast' please?

    I'm looking for ideas on how to best incorporate MJ into the following breakfast (I usually eat every Saturday morning); -fried tomatoes -fried potatoes -fried mushrooms -some kind of fried meat (typically sausage, but I'm partial to kidney) -eggs optional (I avoid them usually) but poached...
  3. tdavie

    Proposed changes to Canada's Medical Marijuana laws

    Mods, please leave this post in this section; thanks. ^^^^--------- The above link is the Canadian Federal Government website listing the proposed changes to Canada's MMJ laws. Highlights: 1. The core of the...
  4. tdavie

    Fuck...Steve Jobs is dead

    Part of me is sad because I was buying Apple computers in the 70's. On the other hand no more SJRDF (nerds will know). Eh, I will miss his OCD in design. Tom
  5. tdavie

    Comparison of different types of percs?

    It's only been since April this year that I hit a bong with a perc. I'd like to know more about them and expand my 'having tested' list. I've tried; -Bell -Dome -Mushroom(?) -Tree -Inline -Disc diffused Am aware of; -Swiss -Helix/Double Helix (?) -Waffle -Showerhead There's gotta be others...
  6. tdavie

    Dealing with your dealer

    Obviously this doesn't count in coffeeshop/legal/dispensary areas :) I had a ~11 year relationship with my previous dealer. He was a very cool dude. Always had top shelf product at $240/oz (didn't vary for the entire time). Friendly enough, wouldn't socialize and would charge extra for delivery...
  7. tdavie

    The Canadian Government's Grand War on Terror

    The following is an excerpt from CBC news; One allowed police to arrest suspects without a warrant and detain them for three days without charges if police believed a terrorist act may have been committed. The other allowed a judge to compel a witness to testify in secret about past...
  8. tdavie

    Politicians, Jesus and walking out of interviews

    Wee bit of background; I'm a politics junkie, mostly US, but also UK. Not terribly interested in Canadian politics since it seems to be mostly a case of follow the leader :/ There are some important distinctions, one of the most interesting is that there is *very little* place in Canadian...
  9. tdavie

    The unforseen consequences of getting a cat

    Sigh, I forgot about the dog > cat and cat > dog interactions. My Cairn Terrier (the small dog) has previously lived with 3 cats, and thinks it's a grand ole time that there is now a cat back in her life. The rescue cross mix mutt tries to avoid the cat. In turn, the cat loves and follows the...
  10. tdavie

    Varieties of tomatoes

    Since I moved into a new house, I was almost ecstatic to find I was only 1.5 miles from a farmer's market. So today I was semi smart and went with a friend from work at 10 am instead of 4 pm. I picked up these weird tomatoes that I tried at someone's house a week ago (they got them from the same...
  11. tdavie

    For US fans of Trailer Park Boys and Kenny .vs. Spenny

    On the Canadian television network, there are two new television shows. 1) The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour, featuring all of the guys from Trailer Park Boys (basically Ricky, Julian, Bubbles and regular appearnces by some other cast mebers from TPB. 2) Kenny...
  12. tdavie

    A food question for anyone who has been to Jamaica?

    I'm definitely NOT looking for fine dining. What I'm after is local food (seafood, ackee, salted cod, pigeon peas and rice, jerked chicken, jerked goat, patties, etc) and especially Ital food (the Rastafarian vegetarian diet). I'm okay with eating at a roadside stop or street vendor in Jamaica...
  13. tdavie

    Why in God's name do dogs roll in shit?

    Took the dogs for a walk about 6 days ago, just before my holidays ended and while I was unpacking in my new place. I live just outside the city limits so a short walk gets me in the middle of nowhere. So anyways I let the dogs off leash and the small one (Cairn Terrier) starts doing what I...
  14. tdavie

    Anyone from SoCal tried Blue Crack?

    Apologies if I've got this wrong. but it's supposed to be a Blue Dream X Green Crack cross, yes? I've heard it described as Afghani spicy but very uplifting. If this is correct, does anyone know if the strain has stabilised? thanks very much Tom
  15. tdavie

    Anyone used perculated bongs and bubblers?

    Just curious. I picked up a 3 perc bubbler Tuesday, June 14th. Used it 4 times that day, and once today. Also today I just took a hit from a double 12 arm tree perc tube (? is that the term). Using either the bubbler or bong seems smoother and easier on the throat than smoking joints. Using...
  16. tdavie

    Forgetting food in the oven/microwave....c'mon be honest :)

    Just happened to me right now. Home made oven fries (potatoe wedges/olive oil/sea salt/spices/bake until done), and kinda forgot them until the 45 minute mark when I was supposed to check em at 20 min. I've cooked casseroles almost dry and have thoroughly blackened puff pastry. Not in the...
  17. tdavie

    Aahaa; got busted by my sister

    I think it's funny because she's been aware for 3-4 years that I use pot. She's been dropping by my house every day to make sure that it's clean (I'm sellling it, and I'm the older brother fuckup :D who can't be relied upon to do smart things :cool: ). She's very anti pot and says 'You smoke...
  18. tdavie

    Anyone ever use/drink Thyme Tea?

    We have a person from Guatemala in our lab for the summer, and he noticed that I've been coughing like an SOB for 3 days. (Coming off of a very bad cold, vaping and bonging has been extremely harsh on my upper airways, but I can't take analgesics/anti inflammatories so I've been continuing my MJ...
  19. tdavie

    Kindness to stray(?) dogs; anyone else take them in? Random dogness.

    As a very short disclaimer; I'm not an expert in handling dogs....I'm an idiot who seems to take chances with animals but hasn't suffered so far (see the short addendum about the pig). I've always been a sucker for feeding animals, from the zoo to animals I found in Yellowstone Park to animals...
  20. tdavie

    Still the old crap about schizophrenia and marijuana

    A while ago, the CBC aired a documentary on a show called 'The Nature of Things'. It is a sciency show with little good science in it. This was linked on the CBC website; it is the aired 45 minute documentary about the subject title in this thread. It is laughable for several reasons. Here it...
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