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    Hi Your crafty + is still ok to be sell? If yes what will be the shipping cost to France ? Thanks

    Hi Your crafty + is still ok to be sell? If yes what will be the shipping cost to France ? Thanks
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    XMAX Giveaway! For fellow FC members.

    Nice contest I vote for A
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    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    I received today the glass cap and the funnel, they're both good vapes and heavy hitter, taste very clean on both but on top on yhe funnel. It's possible to make big clouds wiht them.... I run the glass cap with a big dab torch for a 25 count for first heat,take 4 pokes, and reheat for a 12...
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    Glass Vapes From The Rogue Wax Works

    Hi, i've Heard this type of pop with my vaponic,and l didn't see any damage on it, i don't think your glass cap is broken if you don't see damage. I've just order a glass cap and a funnel and i will tell here my feelings after test
  5. J

    Cant catch a buzz

    Hi, if that can help ,i find for mysel that conduction vaps give me stronger buzz, it's difficult to describe but i'm more stoned with my vaponic than my elev8r....
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    Vaponic Herbal Vaporizer

    Like it's been said flavor with vaponic is on top, what i like too is that you can take 3 pokes with one heat. And efficiency is nice for the amount of weed you put in it. It's my daily driver for one year I've just broken the inner tube two time, for me it's a part you need to have in stock if...
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    Dynavap VapCap

    Ok thanks for all your answers, and let's go for a classic old school cap. Good vape
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    Dynavap VapCap

    Hi Have you tried the perforated cap, dit it really improve the experience.I'm going to buy a cap and don't know what to choice between captiv,classic, or perforated.I prefer long session and use exclusively cbd strains. Thanks Good vape
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    Xmax Stash Box GIVEAWAY!!

    I think it will be pairing well with my mou-stash
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    The ELEV8R from Elev8 Vehicles
  11. J

    The ELEV8R from Elev8 Vehicles

    Hi After 1,5 year of torching my elev8r , i buy a enail from Aliexpress, ( ltq vapor: 68€), and i put it on and whaoo, it's very nice. I try with 3 mm boro beads but i don't like the restricted airflow, i prefer with nothing and keep this opening airflow who's close to perfect for me. I set it...
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    Cosmic Xtractor

    Hi , this vape seems to be nice but i don't understand why it's in DIY section and not in portable vaporizer. Good vape
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    Xmax Qomo Giveaway

    Xmax qomo in France will be a good thing Yeah🖖
  14. J

    Hi I will be happy to buy a shammer from you, what will be the cost for one vape ,only the...

    Hi I will be happy to buy a shammer from you, what will be the cost for one vape ,only the body,with shipping in France. Let me know if it's possible Have a nice day Vapically
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    Hello Purple for me
  16. J

    Pen Xmax V3Pro vaporizer, convection, on-demand&session.

    Hi for me It take 3 days and two cleaning of the mouthpiece and bad taste is now gone away.
  17. J

    Xmax V3Pro Giveaway for our fellows FC fans!

    Eight.Good luck to all
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    Vaponic Herbal Vaporizer

    Hi to all the vaponic team I'm still in love with this sexy thing. I saw on YouTube a comment who say that you can use the boundless cfx like a heater for the vaponic. If someone have the pair an can confirm i'll be a happy guy. Good vape for all in this period of harvest
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    Any Europeans on FC?

    Yep. I live in the north west of france.Where people have round hat...
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    Vaponic Herbal Vaporizer

    Hi I'm on the vaponic family since Yesterday ,i'm very happy with it, After some test to find my sweet spot with my 3 Flam torch, it's working nice and flavor IS on top. I've only glass butane vape ( biovapo express and touch,elev8r ) and i think this one IS going to put the others on...
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