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    Weird stomach pain from vaping

    Hello All, Just looking for some insight from you experienced guys/gals. I'll keep this short as possible. Long time flower vaper here (12+ years) most of which was daily up until 2016. However I'm a light user as 3.5g of flower would last me over a month. Then in 2016 I started getting...
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    Cannabis and white blood cell count

    Hey everyone, Wanted to ask the community if anyone is aware of cannabis and low white blood cell count. For about the past month or two I've had some discomfort in my left armpit. Went to the doc, and she said she could feel some mild swelling in one lymph node, and did a blood test which I...
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    Help a Colorado Tourist - vapcap or oil pen.

    Hey All, Flying into Colorado in a few weeks. I vape dry herb, and would rather not smoke, and don't want to deal with trying to bring my vape on a plane. Any tips? I'm looking at either trying to find a vapcap (anyone know of a store that sells them in the Frisco/Dillon area?) Or going the...
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    Vapor Brothers (Original) or Underdog

    Hey everyone, I've owned the VB (original, hands free) for some time now, and am looking at picking up the Underdog. My question: Is the Underdog different enough that it makes sense to buy, even though I have the VB? I mostly partake alone, and try to be as efficient as possible. I also use...
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