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    Stealthy And On-The-Go who can do it all?

    Ok so my VAS is kicking in and i need a new vape to have for out and about ( Love my vapcap but the butane look is just not ok in a public setting). Ive been researching and looking through ould FC posts about all of these vapes and just want one place where we could hammer out the details of...
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    General degummed hemp fiber uses?

    Long story short the VAS always gets me and i ordered the omnivap blue ti. Sooo while im waiting on it to arrive my natural habit kicks in and im trying to learn everything i can before it arrives so i know exactly what to do and how im going to do it. Ive read quite a bit on here but and left...
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    So i currently own an auberins rdk-300A unfortunately newvape only has a coil that fits their PID. So my question is can someone direct me somewhere where i can buy a coil that would fit the vrod, or if i could find an adapter somewhere? sorry if im breaking any rules with this post it is my...
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