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    Pot Was Flying Off the Shelves in Uruguay. Then U.S. Banks Weighed In.

    " By ERNESTO LONDOÑO AUGUST 25, 2017 The pharmacies selling pot were doing a brisk business. After Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana sales for recreational use last month, some of the pharmacies struggled to keep up with the demand. Then came the stern...
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    How can i best use THC oil..

    Noob in this area that's why i turn for hopefully some good and honest answers. My friend bought som Alcohol extracted THC oil,i wanted CBD,,but what can i do with it.Usually i use CB only before bedtime to get some good relaxing sleep.And i use only a tiny tiny CB..maybe 0.05gr..two tokes is...
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    Whith all the knowledge here..why not..

    ...get toghter and try and make THE ULTIMATE VAPE,portable and desktop..What ja all think.Money is not an problem..just to make THE OPTIMAL one.Copy and paste idéas is allowed.. I start with Halogen lamp as a heating source. Be blessed and have a good day.
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