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  1. Baron23

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    My baskets are out for delivery with USPS today. It still breaks my heart that VXH is out of biz. I love my EVO and should have bought a spare unit when I had the chance. Cheers
  2. Baron23

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    I got my shipping tracking number email today from VXH for the baskets I ordered. But they haven't actually mailed the fuckers yet. sigh
  3. Baron23

    Discontinued G43 and SledGhammer

    Get a should have been permabanned years ago. Instead of going behind Bud's back to criticize him....and push your dispicable snark about Hazel's should be grateful that he put up with your crap for so long.
  4. Baron23

    The Vape Critic / Vapelife Forum - Retired

    Oh, how did it ever survive all that time without you! hahaha :rofl:
  5. Baron23

    Tafée Bowle

    I don't know Lesko??? I just changed my Mircro-20 Press advert to "Steal it From Me" but sadly we can't bump up adverts on FC and its kind of buried. I would hate to do a copy/paste of that whole thing. Ok, hijack is over....LOL
  6. Baron23

    Tafée Bowle

    I think he was referring to my advert. @okydokes - glad you liked it. Ron Popeil is a god in my firmament! hahaha ;-)
  7. Baron23

    Tafée Bowle

    Oh FFS.....hopefully you and Bob can grow a sense of humor. Cheers
  8. Baron23

    Tafée Bowle

  9. Baron23

    Hydratube thread to end all threads

    Wow, you may not be OCD but maybe you play on on TV! haha joking Yes, your demand for structured replies may well decrease the amount of feedback you get. Me...I need a break so I'll take the time. The vape you are current using with hydratubes. Also any vapes you have used in the past with...
  10. Baron23

    Completed SOLD - NewVape Micro-20 Rosin Press with EXTRAS!!

    For sale is my NewVape Micro-20 Rosin Press. Micro-20 originally sold for about $3,500 before shipping $1,250 $1,000 will take it but it STEAL IT FROM ME...MAKE ME AN OFFER must be purchased face to face as there is no way to box and ship its…it’s that heavy duty. I will consider ALL...
  11. Baron23

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Nay, nay my friend. That's a Mobius Atom with the Mobius disk drop down. My dab station is from Huffy and I don't know if they make anything similar...but this drop down from Mobius is a match for the Atom.
  12. Baron23

    Brilliant Cut Grinder

    Just popping in to say that I still love my BCG, have all three plates but really use fine for everything, and it is showing really little to no wear. I do, when gunked up, pop it into a bag with just enough ISO to cover and pop that in the ultrasonic cleaner. Comes out like new and I...
  13. Baron23

    Discontinued VapeXhale Cloud EVO

    The test that was recommended to you was to see if the glass tube in the middle...the broken/cracked. Smoke and bad smell say electronics to me and there is indeed an electronics board in there. Not overheating the electronics is one reason they have a shut off timer and the...
  14. Baron23

    Need a vaporizer that does not smell like herb and/or does not smell at all

    An edible. No such thing as smell-less vaping, IMO.
  15. Baron23

    Fluxer Heaters, induction heaters for Dynavap

    Still absolutely loving my Deluxe. Solid as a brick and great performance. Just thought I'd stop in and say this^^. haha
  16. Baron23

    COVID-19 News

    Further on the ever so not clear distinction between droplets and aerosols as it applies to disease transmission
  17. Baron23

    COVID-19 News

    My thoughts on the man breaking the jaw of the teenager at the theme park are: 1. without regard to whether masks are effective or not, it was the rule of the establishment and that's that. 2. The guy who punched the employee needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and I hope the...
  18. Baron23

    Verdamper vaporizer

    That IS like the OG Vandamper (I cant spell that shit at this time of night LOL). And I do believe that is indeed the man. But I’m often wrong. Haha Good night all.
  19. Baron23

    Grasshopper AC Adapter Kit (and 18650)

    Sorry for back to back, but I did get emails from them today on the open issue w had and the shipped me an item. Dunno y they are dark here lately but wish them well.... while understanding others frustration.
  20. Baron23

    Rosin Technique....Easy DIY Solventless

    I believe so and my experience with a very accurate digital scale with precision to three decimal places has shown me that the rosin actually loses weight from first collected to some minutes later. I have seen this time and again and can only assume this is due to evaporation. Maybe. haha
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