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    The Toad from Morwood

    Wow, glad I stumbled across this thread! What a beautiful piece! I had always been interested in the nomads, but never put myself on the wait list for some reason. If these are to be sold as drops, definitely count me in
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    Tafée Bowle

    Vapefiend looks like it has stock of the bowle for any UK people. Tempted to pull the trigger, but I've just bought a Vapbong and dotleaf. Don't know if the wallet will appreciate it. Although if GME stocks keep heading the way they are, I'll be able to get multiple :brow:
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    Tafée Bowle

    Just a heads up for any of you UK folk. I had asked earlier about the probability of a UK stockist for this device, and after emailing Vapefiend, they replied to let me know that they are currently testing the bowle ( as seen in their stream) and are, so far, really enjoying it. They said that...
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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    Gecko looks amazing :mmmm:
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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    I wonder if that's my plum jelly VB that I purchased last week? :brow:
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    Collyland Aromatizer (formerly Vapbong by Art of Vapor)

    Been keeping an eye out for the vapbong for a while now, with a plan to buy in the new year/once their stock is back up. But did anybody notice the price increase recently? Most of the classics have increased about €30. Was there any changes, or is this just a normal price increase?
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    Tafée Bowle

    Is it too early to tell, but are there any UK retailers lined up to carry this?
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    Any UK folks picked up one of these yet? I have seen a few UK retailers but waiting to see if they have the newer updated parts. Was looking to get a FW7 originally, but a small conduction based vaporiser, that can put out clouds like the dotleaf may be a good substitute (and avoid customs...
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    Dreamwood Glow

    I think you're right! I would have loved to get a few extra dimpled stems, but at that price it was simply dreaming. I currently use an rbt dimpled stem for my rcv18 and love it. Think ill pre order one of these V3, as it would cost about the same for me to get a wooden stem + jackpod kit...
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    Dreamwood Glow

    I saw that v3 preorder and was about to pull the trigger. But before I do, I wanted to ask on here. On the 3 picture on their website of the v3's, they show cooling stems×2, wpa and clear glass stem. Does all of this come with the preorder, or is that extras that you have to buy. It didn't...
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    Feel like upgrading my Splinter Z but which portable?

    Is the ravage/espion really that good an upgrade? I followed the discussion on the Splinter Z thread where it was mentioned. Reason I ask is that I recently got a zv2 + gen3 rx with Arctic fox, and it seems to be working well on tcr, but I think it was mentioned that red panda (with dialed in...
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    Dreamwood Glow

    Hi all, I recently picked up a Glow Rcv 18 basic version (All that was available in the UK when I purchased). It comes with only the glass mouthpiece, which has been great so far (I added some quartz beads for cooling). What I'm wondering is, is it worthwhile purchasing a wooden mouthpiece...
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    Best Party/Festival-Vape

    I think they meant the boundless tera
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    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    So I picked up a second hand lil bud Classic not long ago, and have been spending a bit of time getting to grips with it and I am somewhat enjoying it. However, I cannot seem to get the abv to a "dark coffee brown" colour like I can on other convection devices, and i dont think i could combust...
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    Tetra P80

    So I got my order in, got an email to confirm, then I proceed to bank transfer. Finished the bank transfer process, then get an email saying my order has now been refunded due to availability. I understand that these drop are quick fire, but surely once you have a confirmation your chosen unit...
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    MiniVAP Vaporizer

    Does anyone know the best way to get in touch with Minivap? I tried using the email on their website, but it bounced back saying mailbox full. Just looking to get some information regarding the upgrade programme. I have an OG teflon that I would like to upgrade to Glass core and revamp the...
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    Milaana 2 vs Glow RCV 18

    Hello all, Please excuse another comparison questions, but I've struggled a bit finding any information comparing the Milaana 2 and the Glow RCV 18 V2. I'm looking for an on demand unit that can achieve a deep roast/full extraction. I understand the nature of unregulated vs regulated devices...
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    Discontinued Ghost MV1

    Hey everyone! I picked up a rose gold MV1 during the BF sales and after having it a few days I'm starting to think that mine may have an issue. I'm not getting much vapor (1-3 wispy hits per crucible)and the herb remains green at the end of a session. I've tried a few different strains, packing...
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    Auber Instruments RDK200 e-nail

    Sorry I cant be more help with your question, but are you using the auber coil with your flowerpot? I'm looking to make my own bundle and I was going to go with the auber rdk 300 controller and 20mm barrel coil, and showerhead. I saw a video that newvape had put on youtube where they demo'd the...
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