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  1. Flow

    Tinymight vs Minivap vs ...

    Hey, hello ! I do not own a minivap or a TM/TM2, but… how about trying a Sticky brick RUNT or OG. Massive clouds, tasty, and no cleaning at all ! Bowl size is "pretty decent" when fully packed… Stir it gently every other draw There is a learning curve, or you can use the Restrictor disk...
  2. Flow

    Automated Loading Systems

    go and have a look at the ZEUS ARC GT or something like that... newer version with a full "loading station tray"…
  3. Flow

    High capacity portable?

    Hi ! You may want to read the Airvape Legacy pro thread, or to go on their website to make up your mind ? I own one, as i own dynas, sticky brick OG and a beautyfull SSV... I do enjoy pure convection hits and the "On demand" mode on this device works flawlessly ! Add @Gary-Airvape here and you...
  4. Flow

    Xmax Starry GIVEAWAY!

    Hi and thanks @XMAXVAPORIZER for that niiiice contest !!! I enter the contest and i voted for : Vaping performances Taste & vaporpath As other said here before, on that price range, this is the way to go ! My preference would go (again… damn VAS ! :D ) for an "on demand" convection vape...
  5. Flow

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Hi @Lennyyyyy Whole nug, easiest, cleaniest... dump your AVB when finished and still a bit warm and you're done ! Just some iso soaking from time to time, depending on how fast reclaim build up with your use of the device... I tried the 15mm screen and with medium grinded herb, loose pack...
  6. Flow

    do all vape taste shite??

    And anyway, why would you bother vaping if they all taste shit ? ;) Maybe… if you get the effects and medication you need, with vapor, AND without burning your lungs…
  7. Flow

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Hi ! I use mine very often and am satisfied with it ! My prefered way yet is to go for a whole little nug in the chamber… loosely broken… i bet it's been already said in this thread :D In On demand mode, i go from 160 up to 200° C with 2 or 3 draws on each step... No "massive" but great vapor...
  8. Flow

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    To avoid messy fill-ups, and still waiting for a dosing capsule for the legacy pro, i use a small cardboard bend in V shape as a funnel. Then i place my "botanicals" on it and drop it slowly in the oven... That's way less messy than with my finger-tips :)
  9. Flow

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Mine's arrived !!! and it's a beauty !!! Very well crafted, nice finish, i like the design and functionnality. Easy and simple to use !! Still waiting for it to fully charge… but i guess i'll try it out at least "once" 'til i sleep tonight :D :D :D Cheers mates !:science:
  10. Flow

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Order placed Tuesday, and i seem to get my device next monday, according to postal services… I should get my parcel within a "small week" in europe, that's quite fast !
  11. Flow

    AirVape Legacy Pro

    Shxxxxt !!! You got me on this one too @Gary-Airvape !! :lol: added a little word to ask for this "tight fit" mouthpiece too ! :) Soooooo many thanks for that, this will be my first "battery powered portable device" and now i can't wait to get my hands on this ! Now i'm loading all 18650 i'll...
  12. Flow

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    Same for me of course ;) I really hate that disgusting smell/taste of combustion in my vape !
  13. Flow

    Silver Surfer Vaporizer

    Hi @paradise You seem to get pretty medicated anyway ? Is your device effective ? Blowing clouds is a thing, but medicating one's self is way different ^^ Try to inhale as slow as you can, your goal is to combust in your SSV. Once it's done, you know "how far you can go with your inhaling...
  14. Flow

    XMAX Giveaway! For fellow FC members.

    C ! Thanks, @XMAXVAPORIZER 🍻
  15. Flow

    Which Vape- Arizer XQ2, Silver Surfer or (something in the $200 range)

    I am a long time Pax user, I started in 2012 with a Pax 1, now own a few Pax 3 units. They are great for when I am mountain biking or out where I don't have much pocket room to carry much. But I spend a lot of time at home watching YouTube grow videos, I feel I can have a better vape experience...
  16. Flow

    Dynavap VapCap

    Anyone interested by a 2019 M for a hundred bucks ? :lol: Lol... Dynadvertise from the dynaverse... that sound like a requiem for me, as i don't wan't to gamble my money for that "gift-game". (hope you get it ? but maybe not... :D :D :D) To me this is only possible BECAUSE they charge way more...
  17. Flow

    Dynavap VapCap

    Great tip and great website ! … i did try nearly the same trick with my drillbit and a piece of flat SS but that didn't provide enough cooling for me. Way better yet, but still not what i want. @Demonic chronic : I do low temp - sipping extractions, i usually get my ABV light brown and...
  18. Flow

    Dynavap VapCap

    Hi all ! My DV (Omni, M, Karma, Homemade-wooden-stem-no-carb) are arsh to my opinion. I often cough... I even made a SS flat wire twisted in my M to make it "vortex-cooled". It works well but in the end, i still cough… Using a bong or a dry glass usually solve this point, but still annoy me...
  19. Flow

    Da Buddha

    You can't go wrong with a bubbler anyway :science::science: !
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