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  1. Acolyte of Zinglon

    underdog stem cross-compatibility

    thinking of getting an underdog to replace my aging rockzap, to anyone who has both, do the rockzap stems fit in the underdog (core mk2)?
  2. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Variable voltage power supply (pd, mz, wdz)

    well, about a week and a half ago, i received a variable voltage power supply, from the link that nicelytoasted originally posted i think this thing is great its awesome to be able to dial in the temp on my pd, my average temp range is from...
  3. Acolyte of Zinglon

    odor control

    a thread about the various methods of odor control, please keep in mind my tendency to focus the threads i start around myself, my ego can get rather assertive and im a compulsive planner.... if you have something to contribute, please just chime in i hadnt considered this before, it would...
  4. Acolyte of Zinglon


    just wanted to know what vaporists think of flavoring your bud this can be done many ways, ive seen a product called "tasty drops" that are basically concentrated flavors also another way of doing it is putting something with a strong scent in the jar while its curing, like an orange peel or...
  5. Acolyte of Zinglon

    people and their volcanoes...

    take a look, it started as a thread about the vapir one, which i warned about vapir, then a person got it anyway despite the warnings then the thread turned into me defending the ssv against a raging volcano owner... i talked him into a corner and he couldnt come up with anything to refute what...
  6. Acolyte of Zinglon

    vaporizing salvia

    heres a post about vaporizing salvia divinorum, a very interesting plant to say the very least this thread on the shroomery is the primary source i have about vaporizing salvia if you havent read it read the thread its pretty informative...
  7. Acolyte of Zinglon

    The ethnobotanical thread

    here it is, ive been compiling it over the past couple of days in a bookmark folder, in the form of links to the wikipedia articles on the plants, not all of them are vapeable, but i made a point of getting as many vapeable herbs as possible in here this was inspired by cannabud's post on mixing...
  8. Acolyte of Zinglon


    just saw this over on weedtracker, it looks like a pretty solid system, and looks pretty unique. so i thought id start a thread on it over here, cause we can never hae too many options
  9. Acolyte of Zinglon


    i have a job interview on friday to be a cashier at sears.... ive been looking for a job all sumer and finally i have a shot at one! (this will be my first job intervew, and my first real job if i get it) wish me luck :D
  10. Acolyte of Zinglon

    your favorite strains

    i just felt like making a post, to gather info and stuff like that so heres teh rulez, you can have 2 favorites, one sativa dom and one indica dom, and if you feel like you can put the runners up i unfortunately dont have a favorite strain as of yet, that is- i would but i dont know its...
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