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  1. Vaporooni

    Completed XL E-nano Exotic Walnut $200 (SOLD)

    XL E-Nano Exotic Walnut and Walnut power puck. Also includes XL E-Nano Walnut stem and glass ice stem, (stainless steel chopper sold). All in excellent condition. Thanks for looking!
  2. Vaporooni

    For Sale Vapor Halogen Wand $100

    Now accepting Vapor Halogen Wand pre-orders. You can order the wand by itself for ($100). ($300) for the entire kit. Orders will go out quickly. You may also preorder any of my other Halogen vaporizers at the same price, Halogen Log vapes will be $300 and sold as an entire kit. If you live...
  3. Vaporooni

    Vapor Halogen Wand

    Hello everyone, I have been working on a halogen wand that uses a 20 watt halogen Osram bulb. Powered by a 12 volt adapter purchased on @VGOODIEZ web site that has most of your popular vape gear. The bulb connector wires were replaced with 16g 316L stainless steel wire. The bulb connector is put...
  4. Vaporooni

    Completed VXL Cloud Evo $400 (SOLD)

    VXL Cloud Evo with Swiss Tree hydratube plus stand and standard mouth piece with 18mm adapter and 3ft whip. Also includes three quartz vape nails and 10 herb baskets. I'm asking $400 Pay Pal.
  5. Vaporooni

    Completed Tinymight (SOLD)

    Tinymight for trade or sale. Glass mouth piece with glass screen fits any 14mm to 18mm water pieces. I'm asking $300 PayPal Thank you. (SOLD)
  6. Vaporooni

    For Sale DYNATEC APOLLO 2 ROVER W/ OMNI 2021 $220

  7. Vaporooni

    Completed Exotic Walnut E-nano

    Exotic Walnut E-nano with walnut dimmer. Includes 5" Ice stem with glass screen and 14mm glass screen water adapter. Asking $200 Sorry no trades.
  8. Vaporooni

    Ed's TnT WoodScents Log (SOLD)

    African Mahogany WoodScents Log with titanium DynaVap tip. Also includes two adjustable screen glass tubes and a 14mm glass water adapter plus 6'' green glass charlie that holds the titanium tip. Asking $200 Pay Pal Sorry no trades.
  9. Vaporooni

    AroMed 4.0

    Aromed 4.0 with all original parts. Sorry no trades. Asking $300 Pay Pal Free 2-3 day priority shipping. SOLD
  10. Vaporooni

    For Sale Errlectric Price Drop

    Errlectric Concentration Station in fire engine red with 14mm dry herb nail. Comes with carrying case, Heater stand, Magnetic tool caddy and the Vortex cap. Also includes the Chugger -Glass Recycler 18mm water tool and a 14mm female to 18mm glass adapter. US plug in. Sorry no trades. $200
  11. Vaporooni

    FlowerPot Weed Eater Essentials Bundle

    FlowerPot Weed Eater Essentials Bundle with NewVape water tool. Have all the certificates. $400 Pay Pal. Free Priority shipping. Sorry No trades
  12. Vaporooni

    Errlectric Concentration Station

    Errlectric Concentration Station in fire engine red with 14mm dry herb nail. Comes with the carrying case, Heater stand, Magnetic tool caddy and the Vortex cap. Also included the Chugger - Glass recycler 18mm water tool with 14mm female to 18mm female borosilicate glass adapter. 120V US plug in...
  13. Vaporooni

    2019 DynaVap M And Induction Heater

    2019 DynaVap M with Robusto and Glass Charlie. Also a home made induction Heater that works plugged in or with three 18650's. $150 for everything.
  14. Vaporooni

    Lil' Bud Classic

    Cherry wood Lil Bud Classic and walnut roasting tube with everything seen in picture. Works great and in excellent condition. Seven Fresh batteries and charger. Three glass pieces with screen caps. Have Pay Pal. $175 for everything.
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