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  1. darbarikanada

    US govt survey 2022

    "The survey found that 43 percent in the 19-30 age group had used cannabis 20 or more times over the previous month, up from 34 percent. In 2011, that figure was 29 percent. Daily marijuana consumption also jumped significantly, to 11 percent from 6 percent in 2011."...
  2. darbarikanada

    Wax Pen Vs. Mods - Differences?

    I've never used a mod-based device, but have a linx hypnos pen. I'm not looking for the giant rips I see people getting from mods in online videos, so what (if anything) would I gain by getting a mod? I'd only be using it ~1x/week, so I don't care about the battery life and cleaning issues...
  3. darbarikanada

    my dream wax pen - who's going to make it?

    I've only read about the technology, but it sounds like it's now possible to make a SiC cup that heats up in its entirety (e.g. AVS molecule) controlled by a TC mod. doesn't it seem like a no-brainer that someone could make an all-in-one unit (like the EZ sai?) that incorporates this technology...
  4. darbarikanada

    Strain Geeks?

    decades ago, someone shared some S. African weed with me; he called it 'S. African tripping grass' or 'dagga' (it was probably Durban Poison). never having had 100% sativa, I found its cerebral quality amazing, but had to wait until the advent of legal weed to find it in the US. now, with 1000's...
  5. darbarikanada

    Everybody got what they wanted. Now what?

    have vaping devices pretty much matured to where everyone got what they said they wanted? the big one was all-convection; there now are lots of options getting very positive reviews. if your thing is giant rips (without combusting), there are tons of options that'll deliver. the situation with...
  6. darbarikanada

    new to dabbing: flavor declines after 1-2 hits - is that normal?

    I recently got a banger, have been learning how to use it, also have a wax pen. with both, it seems like the flavor (of wax, live resin) is good for 2 hits, then gets nasty. I'm doing small loads - .04g or so. with the wax pen the sweet spot is the 2nd (of 4) temp. setting. with the banger I'm...
  7. darbarikanada

    Banger without water?

    I think I read somewhere that water filtration decreases either the potency or flavor (or both?) when dabbing, so I'm wondering if anyone uses their banger in a bong without water. in a way it'd be like a large wax pen, but with a longer vapor path, so it should be cooler than a wax pen. if this...
  8. darbarikanada

    quartz banger vs. vapcap for wax

    I've been using my mighty for wax, like the cool vapor and efficiency, but I'm curious to try something closer to dabbing. I have a vapcap with one of those silicone mouthpieces (and a mini-liquid pad), so I can attach that to my bong, get big hits that way, but I'm wondering if I wouldn't get...
  9. darbarikanada

    winterization info

    I just read that if BHO wax isn't 'winterized', it can have cannabis 'cuticle' (waxy outer layer?) that doesn't get burned off at vaporization temperatures and can accumulate in the lungs. if I'm in a legal state, does that give me any reassurance that wax I buy at a dispensary will have been...
  10. darbarikanada

    Has anyone vaped both concentrate and flower from the same batch/grow?

    had anyone been able to vape both concentrate and flower from the same grow? I'm curious if the processes for making concentrates somehow strip cannabis of things like CBD or terpenes. (a request: I just want to hear from people who have actual experience doing this exact thing)
  11. darbarikanada

    terpene research cannabis entrepreneurs are trying to create products with predictable results (e.g. make you mellow vs. get the giggles). and yet... "After she crunched the Cultivation Classic numbers, Rae could not find strong correlations...
  12. darbarikanada

    will seeing 'Cats' while high be a thing?
  13. darbarikanada

    Live Resin?

    I'm curious if people that have used live resin and wax can share their experiences. budtenders say live resin's generally lower in THC but higher in terpenes (some brands include terps % on the packaging), but say those added terpenes somehow make live resin more potent (relative to wax) than...
  14. darbarikanada

    question for wax pen users

    I love the idea of wax pens, esp. models that have ceramic or quartz bowls (not exposed coils); they're discreet, look cool, work fast, etc. I've only tried wax 5x, using a vapcap and mighty. the vapcap experience was so-so (too hot), probably would improve with practice. the mighty, using the...
  15. darbarikanada

    Cannabis-themed restaurant in LA about to open “A kush is a little more pungent, so it pairs better with a stew, or something like a beef or a meat product. A lighter lemon...
  16. darbarikanada

    Puget Sound Area Has Highest Cannabis Use Per Capita in the World

    who knew? now that they've figured out how to measure this... let the games begin (Puget Sound already beat Amsterdam)!
  17. darbarikanada

    New York Times article about CBD
  18. darbarikanada

    Magic Flight Launch Box

    Sold! everything works properly. the only issue is that one of the battery caps is split (visible in pic). $60, shipping to US included. 100% positive feedback on ebay and discogs as musicslug.
  19. darbarikanada

    Vapor Genie

    lightly used - $30, postage to US included.
  20. darbarikanada

    Which Concentrates for Vapcaps?

    I know they work for hash, but what about wax/crumble/shatter etc. - and what techniques do people use?
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