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  1. el sargantano

    The NEO by Prrl Labs

    Nice read. Evaporation vs boiling I liked the link with the perfume and the pyramid comparisons.
  2. el sargantano

    Athlete Vaporists?

    Brooks Divide here. Around 800km nowadays, it's time for them to rest already. By the way, I call them 'Romulus & Remus' destined to be the starters of my running empire. Do your gear get a name? Rock guitar players used to name their instruments, and ancient knights their swords and so on. In...
  3. el sargantano

    Sticky Brick Labs Vaporizer

    Love that whistle!!
  4. el sargantano

    Athlete Vaporists?

    Oh, aquaponic weed! Fantastic!!
  5. el sargantano

    How do you consume your "Already Vaped Bud" (AVB)?

    Actually, nowadays friends & me are testing the 'space sugar' recipe of the other thread. Looking for sugar reduction and abv increased ratio. I find the 1g of ABV to be the dose, but I see the need to reduce the amount of 'sugar carrier' in order to use it at nightime. The OG recipe I found...
  6. el sargantano

    High potency edibles

    As someone here used to say: SO CIVILIZED!!
  7. el sargantano

    Athlete Vaporists?

    Yeah, more skaters in daa hoouuuseee! I am no way downhilling any high for evident safety reasons. Let's save it as deserved reward when day comes to an end, and survive to skate another day! Next week our club is celebrating its nowadays only event in a year, at least we have a race this year...
  8. el sargantano

    RBT Milaana 1, 2, 3

    Besides these reasons, which I deeply agree, I used always wooden ones with the 1.5 Milaana because I don't want to scratch Glass on Glass and create some dust glass particulates to inhale after.
  9. el sargantano

    BEST DubeTube alternatives for DynaVap

    Handling some expulsion risk from this wonderful site I have to point to the cuban cigar cases: This Romeo & Julieta is hoping to fit the 420volskis of a couple of...
  10. el sargantano

    Discontinued Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    I've not tried yet, cause my Lil Bud classic works like a champ, but: I wish there would be a serial number on the hidden inner side wood plate that separates the battery from the switch pins & oven. I bet I could get it out quietly, like with an screwdriver, and it would be written in pencil in...
  11. el sargantano

    Athlete Vaporists?

    I really dig the expression 'running through thin air'
  12. el sargantano

    The NEO by Prrl Labs

    Absolutely asthonishing. I'm totally freaking resending this to my friend who proudly ownes a couple of neo's. From now on: my friend from outter space who makes Sagan happy! Congratulations, you get my most sincere admiration...! Edit: oh fuck me! Edit2: I'll keep myself im da way to call my...
  13. el sargantano

    High potency edibles

    So the ratio is 3gr ABV for 60-70gr brown sugar, isn't it? Always dizzie when talking about teaspoon, tablespoons, etc. Thx
  14. el sargantano

    High potency edibles

    Are you recovered already? :-) Can you please tell us about spoon size or sugar grams? Promises a funny weekend...!
  15. el sargantano

    The HI

    Really it's due to your research & legitimate opinion that I have one more capital reason to have the HI leading my 'next purchase vape list'. One day...
  16. el sargantano

    vaporizing salvia

    I use to mix salvia & a hash coin to get a nice combination close to an aftereight cookie.
  17. el sargantano

    What color V3 PRO do you want XMAX to come out next?

    The iridiscent chamaleon paint would be nice. But cheetah pattern for a fast race aftermath while enjoying a racy sativa is cooler.
  18. el sargantano


    Thanks for the contest!! Cheetah pattern for top speed!
  19. el sargantano

    The Convection Thread

    For a quick & easy test, do you think regular smoking paper could do the trick? Or would it be pointless? Your dedication is paramount!
  20. el sargantano

    Any Europeans on FC?

    Counting on the right amoubt of tap water (hope it is not too hard water), I'll bet you turn the heat off too soon. You can hear the 'soft bubbling' as the hot water goes up, but when there is no more water to 'climb' picking up coffee it's just air remaning. Then you can hear the 'loud...
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