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  1. malawigold

    For Sale Pendants/Pipes KGB Donut Upgrade Dragon and Scolari Troll with Shelbo Eyes

    KGB Chillum 120 can be worn as pendant Upgrade Glass Amber Purple with teal accents 120 Scolari Glass with opal and shelbo eye millie's slight chip on piece of slime ultra rare piece from 2014 100 Scolari Glass Devil pendant with opal 2014 100 [/url] [/IMG] [/url] host an image[/IMG]...
  2. malawigold

    Misc. e-cig type vapes

    Just picked this up yesterday at an Anaheim dispensary for $80. Its got an on/off switch,refillable cartridges, the option to buy a filled cartridge. Exhale is slightly cloudy. Capacity of cartridge is more than a gram maybe a gram and a half. Filling is as easy as putting a chunk in and letting...
  3. malawigold

    FS: Sovereignty Stemline Oil Rig

    Hardly used 5 mm 20 inch stem line. Tallest one I've seen. Comes with dome with completely open top. Can include brand new titanium nail upon request. Ben Wilson disk diffused bowl piece. $350 pics are available email me.
  4. malawigold

    The iPen Vaporizer

    I dug this up on los angeles craigslist and makes me wonder if its worth the 40 bucks... perhaps this is a cheaper, even more low key iolite? I don't know but here's the link maybe if someone in LA wants to pick it up and review it...
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