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  1. Green Kiwi


    Guys,and Galls , I asume ,you all know the beautiful voluntary work Vitolo has been doing over the years. I am proud to call Vito my friend, but it's a friend online, i live in Nz and Vito in Arizona(I believe). but I always planned to visit him after all the Rona stuff and the likes.2 He is...
  2. Green Kiwi


    Hi Guys and galls , I am missing ARB's presence on this and the Vapor Asylum Forum ,since 15 nov 2021.....😥, Does anyone have an idea why we don't see him anymore, I miss his comment and down to earth tips. I Also For an even longer time miss EDeomo. also from one day to they other always...
  3. Green Kiwi

    is my weed magic?

    Now ,reading about what who is vaping and how,I'm Starting to Wonder? To vape, I use exclusively the mighty, about 10 bowls trough a bong and about 2 bowls dry a day on average. everybody has his or her favourite device, mine happens to be the Mighty. My head scratch:hmm:, is this: I read about...
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