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  1. blackbur

    Vaporizer and Glass Yard Sale

    Good Afternoon Everyone, The time has come to sell of a majority of my pieces. This is a great oppertunity for new vaporist as well as old collectors. Enjoy! If you have any questions please pm.Offers welcomed but please no lowballing. Paypal pay s/h...mods let me know if anything is...
  2. blackbur

    Discontinued Elevape smart 2.0 (ESV 2.0)

    Maybe you can try reaching out to the european counterparts. it's very possible Joe may have left the company. Hope everything is resolved appropriately.
  3. blackbur

    ***Gamers*** What are you playing?

    I play a lot of destiny on Xbox one
  4. blackbur

    Green Dream Vaporizer

    didnt see that when i searched. mods please delete thread
  5. blackbur

    Green Dream Vaporizer German made vaporizer..looks a little familar..
  6. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    I'm sure they are scratching their heads at S&B at the sudden increase of crafty top/mouthpiece sales. Thanks everyone for posting your tips and tricks as well as your experiences..every bit helps. Delayed copping a vivant..going to wait and see what happens next.
  7. blackbur

    Firewood Vaporizer

    I've been using my fw3 and fw4 with my new 7mm envy glass beaker(14mm showerhead downstream) Fw4 milks up the glass very quickly and consistently at 3..fw3 I find myself needing to do an empty pull before producing clouds. Fw4 provides a very through extraction..everything is chocolatey...
  8. blackbur

    Discontinued Elevape SV

    Thank you for your honesty OF!
  9. blackbur

    Discontinued Elevape SV

    I'm suffering from low battery life too. I'd rather not send em back for $50 a pop. Hopefully someone can dissect one and create a battery.
  10. blackbur


    I just checked their website. it no longer exists... Might grab a last call one from piu to have as a back up.
  11. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    I was thinking about this the other day..Vivant seems to be a newer company in the herbal vaporizer realm so my guess is they are trying to be as careful as possible. A little off course but this issue reminds me of the note 7 fiasco a few months back..Samsung introduced a new verison of the...
  12. blackbur

    Sticky Brick Labs Favorite Munchies Contest!

    Wendys french fries and a chocolate frosty. Take one fry and insert directly into chocolate frosty then bite french fry. What you will experience is if you don't have a wendys near by chocolate milkshakes work too.
  13. blackbur

    Boundless CFV

    420 deals on this unit look good. Think i might get an all black unit with a wpa..not too interested in metal ring. one question i understand this unit is convection..does it leak vapor when your not actively hitting it?
  14. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    Can't speak on other thread/post didn't have knowledge of it. My thread is still up if anyone is interested in contributing opinions and experiences. Just want to make sure things are handled appropriately.
  15. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    Made a separate thread in general discussion regarding safety issues.
  16. blackbur

    Vivant Alternate Material Safety Issues

    Created a new thread for users to discuss any concerns regarding The alternate. Hopefully we will obtain a full material/chemical listing from the company.
  17. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    i imagine there will be a lot of new memebers joining/low count posters posting due to the fact that the price of the vivant is attractive and to many is a chance to wet their feet in the vaporizing world. I agree with other posters, fc is a great forum because we have a platform to share our...
  18. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    Thanks for info. A little alarming things are melting and warping at those temps. Going to keep an eye on thread..curious to see how they remedy this situation..Probably going to get another crafty or mighty.
  19. blackbur

    Multi-brand Vivant Alternate

    what temp were you vaping on?
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