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  1. Acolyte of Zinglon

    underdog stem cross-compatibility

    thank you, good to know
  2. Acolyte of Zinglon

    underdog stem cross-compatibility

    thinking of getting an underdog to replace my aging rockzap, to anyone who has both, do the rockzap stems fit in the underdog (core mk2)?
  3. Acolyte of Zinglon

    How vaping for indica relaxing effect

    personally i vape indicas exclusively, i dont find vapes really diminish the high, but you may be missing the relaxing effect that smoke causes due to the various irritants it posses. so its less of a body rush but more of a mellow relaxed kind of deal that sativas just dont give me :2c:
  4. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Who rolls prepared?

    in such a litigious society it can be hard to know when to help and when it will turn around to bite you in the ass. ive heard of doctors being sued over emergency treatment
  5. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Reduce Tolerance Without A Break - "Low Break"

    ive been doing this kind of thing for a couple years now to keep my tolerance at a low level. i discovered tolerance is much less noticable if i have one lightly packed (then tamped) pd stem for a session and wait at least 3 hours in between stems each session feels like a fresh high. and now...
  6. Acolyte of Zinglon

    vaporizing salvia

    vaporgenie woul work great for salvia as long as you could muster the lighter and not fuck up the ceramic i remember vaping plain leaf through my sv, it definately worked, it was just too many reloads. i still have an ounce of plain leaf i should make a crude iso extract and try again a thread...
  7. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Vaping with H2O

    ive never noticed any difference to be honest, i like water because it allows for longer inhales like cleanfeind said. i think getting more thc into the bloodstream and across the blood brain barrier all at one definately changes the experience as well as being able to hold said vapor in longer...
  8. Acolyte of Zinglon

    The Yoga of Throat Control - Advanced Vapor Techniques Collection

    i know exactly what youre getting at VW, many of these things i have learned as a student of classical voice, maybe i can try and clarify things a little for those unnaccustomed to closely monitoring their anatomy if im not mistaken, neutral throat is where your vocal chords and eppiglottis...
  9. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Variable voltage power supply (pd, mz, wdz)

    ive started using the current regulation feature on this power supply rather than the voltage, it seems to give a much more consistant temperature that way, the amount of current i give it is 0.5-0.6A, 0.5A being low temp and 0.6A being high temp
  10. Acolyte of Zinglon

    vaporizing salvia

    ive tried with plain leaf and had some sucess, i was unable to get a breakthrough dose though because i havent had extract my supreme was able to extract light visable vapor from plain leaf, but it was too much trouble to reload
  11. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Seed Beads: affordable, available, and effective vapor diffusion! cost me $35 shipped
  12. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Seed Beads: affordable, available, and effective vapor diffusion!

    well i just ordered 2 lbs of tiny glass marbles, one lb of 2mm an one lb of 1mm, i couldnt decide which size to get so i think ill just mix them
  13. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Variable voltage power supply (pd, mz, wdz)

    i usually change the temp after a session so that its ajdusted by my nest session, or a half hour before a session to give it plenty of time. unless im low temping im fine with one temp from start to finish for a session, if i want to change temps ill usually switch pds
  14. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Variable voltage power supply (pd, mz, wdz)

    mine gets warm after a full day of use, but not hot. i do turn it off at night because its by my bed and the lit screen is too bright to ignore, i usually keep one pd on a wall wart for morning sessions imo pd isnt really suitable for "as needed" power, it takes at least an hour to fully heat...
  15. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Variable voltage power supply (pd, mz, wdz)

    indeed ive noticed a definate difference using the well-regulated power, there seem to be a lot of variances in local power grid that effect the voltage of an unregulated power source, its better than the koozie method too i generally like to switch temps between sessions to give the exchanger...
  16. Acolyte of Zinglon

    Variable voltage power supply (pd, mz, wdz)

    well, about a week and a half ago, i received a variable voltage power supply, from the link that nicelytoasted originally posted i think this thing is great its awesome to be able to dial in the temp on my pd, my average temp range is from...
  17. Acolyte of Zinglon

    DIY Hakko + SSV Heater Cover

    thats about the temp range that i was using
  18. Acolyte of Zinglon

    anyone use Adderall

    i used to have adderall, it was great, but i loved it a bit too much which scared me
  19. Acolyte of Zinglon


    nice! does that bowl looks like it could get a bit hot to unscrew after a large session when i first saw it i thought it was a modded exotic, but you did that with an original? so badass looking
  20. Acolyte of Zinglon

    If it's just vaper then why......

    it can, but what i meant was that its removed easily by the natural process by which out lungs clean themselves
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