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  1. Leadpipe58

    Medical marijuana in N.C.?

    I will be moving to N.C. next year. How does the medical marijuana program work?? I am in P.A. and we have a lot to choose from. Thank you
  2. Leadpipe58

    2020 Black Friday

    Thank you.
  3. Leadpipe58

    NFC DIY Desktop vape

    If you know the dementions and plans i will be happy to make you one. MY avatar is a custom stem for a dynavap i made..
  4. Leadpipe58

    Cheap, high-quality bubbler??

    Isn't that an oxymoron??
  5. Leadpipe58

    NFC How do you know your weed is any good

    Thank you for your great knowledge.
  6. Leadpipe58

    VapCap Induction Heater for Desktop and in Car Use

    What a great Idea. Thank you
  7. Leadpipe58

    Vapor Virgin

    love it. thank you.
  8. Leadpipe58

    Fuck you !!!

  9. Leadpipe58

    DIY Induction Heater Builds and References

    One more project. Thank's
  10. Leadpipe58

    Cannabis Containers in the Wild

    thank you for the info
  11. Leadpipe58

    Glass 101

    Green as Hell about glass.. A ton of knolage on this forum. I am to clumsy for glass.LOL Thank you.
  12. Leadpipe58

    Stem Dimensions?

    Thank you Puffitup. I hope to be selling them here.
  13. Leadpipe58

    InductionVap - Dual use induction powered vaporizer

    great thread. thank you
  14. Leadpipe58

    2020 Black Friday

    Reply NYC_Frank looking forward to it. I am in P.A. close to the N.J. boarder. Will be watching when recreational weed is legal. Fun fun fun
  15. Leadpipe58

    2020 Black Friday

    This is going to be my first black Friday for weed.
  16. Leadpipe58

    Instant Pot - Decarb & Extract

    Thank you Again.
  17. Leadpipe58

    NJ Ballot Question - Nov 3 Recreational Marijuana

    Waiting to see how N.J. turns out
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