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  1. thesoloman

    Cannabis Cup- Socal.

    Hey everyone! the Socal cup is this weekend, any other FCer's going?
  2. thesoloman

    Vaporizer timeline -Community Project.

    I found myself looking at a popular vaporizer website this morning and realized that there are so many new devices, and that there has been so much change in devices sense i started vaporizing. I purpose that we as a community form some sort of visually based timeline that is scrollable side to...
  3. thesoloman

    Tek How to get RSO into a syringe?

    Im wondering if anyone here has experience getting rso oil into a syringe, i am needing to do it, and i am imagining it to be a difficult, messy task. any advice is appreciated. thanks.
  4. thesoloman

    Oil Prices Vs Gold Prices

    I just realized that oil cost as much as gold literally. A good gram of oil goes for $40. A gram of gold as of today costs $39. When my buddy told me this i didn't believe him, until i looked it up myself.
  5. thesoloman

    The amount of free cannabis must equal 2 percent of a dispensary’s gross weight sold edit: i just realized a disp. could just hook up every gram by 0.02g and comply.
  6. thesoloman

    Weird lights/ flares over Temecula Ca / camp pendleton.

    Hi, i was driving around 10:45pm this night, and saw three odd orange lights appear in the sky, upon closer inspection i realized that they were flairs. (could see the smoke trail above them) i pulled over and watched them for a while, when the first batch burned out, they were replaced with...
  7. thesoloman

    Get your free money again... good old traitor joes is in a lawsuit, and you can get $35 dollars.
  8. thesoloman

    Just what we needed, a faraday cage for our junk!

    thanks to the this new invention, your balls won't be radiated by your cellphone anymore.
  9. thesoloman

    you can win a free ascent on reddit, if you want one
  10. thesoloman

    This happened in my town, highschoool i used to attend... Basically the pigs sent a undercover pig to nab a few kids, the UP (undercover pig) befriended a kid who is mentally challenged... and coerced that child into buying drugs from a...
  11. thesoloman

    Thai Food Tried to Kill Me and I survived!

    Last night, i was eating at our local Thai/Vietnamese food place. I ordered my favorite dish, pad thai, i asked the server to make it level 5; the spiciest possible. I told him that the last 3 times i went there they forgot to put spice in it! :doh: When my food arrived i was thrilled, it was...
  12. thesoloman

    Pneumonia and vaporized ethnobotanic antibiotics.

    Hi everyone, I've been sick for the past few days. Just a normal cold or whatever. Anyways i went heavy on the caynee pepper tea and the euacanashia extract. So my cold is gone, however i now coughing up dark yellowish brown flem. I really do not want to use traditional antibiotics, I am...
  13. thesoloman

    Cannabis workers sick My guess is they were effected by a pesticide, what do you guys and gals think?
  14. thesoloman

    U-Water Tool Adapter New In Box

    Hi FC, I have one 18mm U-water tool adapter for the ascent, Im looking to trade for a PVHES GONG for my solo's, 14 or 18mm. If you want to trade please PM me.
  15. thesoloman

    Washington Medical Mess? Not really: Washington decides not to shut down dispensaries This is a link to the Washington Liquor Control Board statement on revisions that should be made to the Medical System, Supposedly it's open to public comments till the 8th of november, BE HEARD!
  16. thesoloman

    Homemade McFlurry!

    I just made the best munchies ever, grab some vanilla ice cream and throw it in a kitchen aid mixer with a few Oreo style cookies. It is an amazing desert! So good that i felt compelled to share it, enjoy
  17. thesoloman

    2 Ascent U-Water Pipe Adapters

    Hi Fc, I bought one of the first batch of Ascents, I received my water adapter as a gift with purchase. It arrived with a very small hairline crack in the part that slides into the Ascent. I was sent a second one as a replacement, so i now have two, One brand new, and one new with a small...
  18. thesoloman

    In the vaporizer of the future i hope to see this Supposedly it's a battery that can hold 10x the power of a same sized lithium ion battery.
  19. thesoloman


    did our background just change? and if so is it possible to get the old one back? Or is this just on my end ?Im talking about the white/blue theme AHHHHHHHH It's a sight upgrade
  20. thesoloman

    Got Paintball experience?

    Just wondering if anyone on here is into paintball? Edit: if a mod reads this please change painbaill to paintball, thanks. i posted too many dabs deep haha
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