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  1. Xclerk

    Want to Buy Ceroma head

    anyone buy the 2 pack of heads and only need one. Figured this could be a way to offset someones cost and put a smile on my face
  2. Xclerk

    Want to Buy Original ditanium glass handpiece

    Had one of these in my cart at planet of the vapes. Went to check out today and it was sold out. 😞. If anyone has a spare or doesnt use the glass one hit me up. Preferably the original w the glass screen built in. Thanks
  3. Xclerk

    Want to Buy Box for my dick and balls

    Lol sorry just thought that sounded funny So anyone want to sell or give me their wood box from their. Art of vapor Vapbong. I noticed they are now shipping in cardboard packaging. I already had a place in mind where it and its box would go and the ocd is driving me nuts. If anyone has one and...
  4. Xclerk

    For Sale 2 brand new unused puffco peaks

    Hey I have 2 brand new puffco peaks for sale. Asking 240 ea shipped. May be willing to take a little less for the one I opened. I opened it to display the contents but nothing has been used or disturbed. Both include all original accessories and price includes shipping to the the US. Let me know...
  5. Xclerk

    Want to Buy Bowl for supreme

    A sad sad day. I was just using my supreme when I notice the bowl was kinda bent. Upon inspection I realized it had cracked on the crease that is made to hold the screen in place. If anyone has some spares or knows how to make some I'm def interested
  6. Xclerk

    Banger for new Rio

    Hey FC I just picked up a used Rio that didnt come w the banger. I was wondering if anyone had a spare or used one they could part with. Have some possible stuff for trade or some pp if preferred. Also curious if the gen 1 ones would work or if. The allignment is really off Edit found out the...
  7. Xclerk

    16mm xlr coil for auber enail

    Hey curious if anyone has a spare laying around. 16mm w a xlr connection. I have an auber enail. Not sure the pinot. Got one on order from dhgate but I'm impatient and want to play w my toys. Have some glass for trade or PayPal. Last few trades were a success so im back for more lol
  8. Xclerk

    Eds tnt glass

    Hey. Wondering if anyone has any spare glass components of a woodscents. I'm mainly looking for the glass wpa, the standard strait glass stem and aroma dish. I dint really need the glass dynavap stem. I just traded for a woodscents and feel like I owe it to myself to try it out w everything...
  9. Xclerk

    Fw3 mpc holder and capsules

    Hey I know this is a longshot and I reached out to mark. He doea have mps hoping somone has the MP holder w capsules. Got a for my collection and feel loke it needs it. Dam wood Vas
  10. Xclerk

    Broken craftys and mightys

    Been messing around since I got screwed on my rma wondering if anyone has any laying arounf not doing much. Looking for outerplastics ovens temp sensors etc. Got a unit repaired w aftermarket parts but seeing if repairs are plausible since the parts are hard to get. Not working or out of...
  11. Xclerk

    Wpa for Mighty/crafty

    Looking for a used wpa for a used mighty I got. It came w a soft interplanetary one but it pops out sometimes and I'm looking for a glass version. Hoping someone has a spare or maybe would want to trade for the soft one. Just doesnt really work well w my glass rig. Willing to pay shipping as well.
  12. Xclerk

    Cheap hydratube or similar

    Hey just picked up a vapexhale for a great price. Looking around to see whats put there. Open to strait tubes that fit a 18mm male , cheap Chinese glass or whatever would work. Not lookind to spend alot and am open to trades as well. Have a bunch of brand new glass and some vapes as well. Will...
  13. Xclerk

    Have a few glass chillums that fit dynavap tips

    Ordered 100 grav chillums of that around 20 fit dyna tips anyone who wants one pm me I'll try to get back to everyone. There 3in long and have grav branding and random art. Will try to post some pics soon. Also some sic discontinued grav double donut nectar collectors .
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