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  1. JCharles

    Kief and Cannabinoid Degredation

    Saw @Lookatmeglow s post on Instagram today about collecting kief and it got me thinking. We know that cannabinoids degrade over time - oxygen, light, humidity and temperature all play a role. For example, THCA when exposed to heat will decarb into THC and the THC when exposed to heat or...
  2. JCharles


    We have brand name Q-Tips, store brand, no brand, precision and gun cleaning. But which is the best bang for your buck? I stick to the regular Q-Tip brand cotton swabs. Too many store brand/no brand swabs end up leaving fluff in my vapes and bowls. Unless I'm feeling randy, I'll leave the...
  3. JCharles

    How Often Are You Changing The Water

    Curious how often everyone swaps out the water in their pipes. I recognize some pieces require more frequent changing so you can choose up to two options in the poll. I find myself dumping the water every morning and a quick ISO swish to knock out any residue (and a hot water rinse). If I...
  4. JCharles

    Social Media Accounts

    I've seen a few FC members on Instagram and YouTube and really like to support the community. It's awesome giving a video on YouTube a like as it helps the content producer. And follows and likes go a long way on other social media platforms, so... If you have an Instagram account or YouTube...
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